A Tsunami Survivor on Flashbacks and Being Constantly on the Cusp of Trauma

tense shore

A tsunami survivor reflects on living with flashbacks, and how trauma therapy helped him look at life from a fairer perspective.

Hope Wins! An Ancient Lesson About Overcoming Fear

Hope Wins! An Ancient Lesson About Overcoming Fear Daniel Wehner:Flickr

How can we learn to nurture hope over fear?

The Power of Love When Healing From Trauma

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Sarah Ogden reviews evidence that healthy relationships can help to reverse the negative changes that our brains make after a trauma.

What’s Your Reason to Fly?

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David Pittman, an abuse survivor and recovering addict, discovered that there’s no bigger high than knowing you’ve helped someone else.

Fathering to Heal


There is no way I can understand who I am as a father without understanding who I am as a son.

Trauma Recovery: The Inner War on Terror


The U.S. loses more of its soldiers to suicide than to combat. What trauma specialists have learned from sex abuse survivors may help combat veterans heal, as well. MaleSurvivor’s Chris Anderson reports.