When ‘I’m Speechless’ is More than Just a Phrase: How to Recognize the Signs of Trauma

If you or a person you care about has trauma, what then? Allegra Jordan shares some solutions.

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Life and Love and Trauma: A Portrait of a Man

We live our days within a culture of trauma. Its destructive nature wounds deeply, leaving us to struggle generation to generation. — Born into this Walking and living through this Dying because of this Muted because of this Castrated Debauched Disinherited Because of this Fooled by this Used by this Pissed on by this Made crazy […]

The Messages I Learned to Tell Myself

Uncomfortable. Irritated. Hateful. But whatever happened to supportive?

I’m Not the Only One

Everyone has a story. POPS (Pain of the Prison System) is my story.

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Quentin Lucas examines his relationship with American white people.

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Christopher M. Anderson says a full understanding of trauma must inform advocacy efforts for abuse survivors.

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Using paleotherapy to recover from repressed trauma.

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Ross Rosenberg, author of “The Human Magnet Syndrome,” explains the childhood origins of pathological narcissism.

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This is what suicide looks like, when you would do anything to make the pain go away.

How a Pacifist Teacher Prepares His Students for War

Endless occupations, big government, the imperial theme, and teen soldiers—not easy topics for high schoolers. Teacher Jeremy McKeen shares his wish for his grown up students off at war. — “Go and teach Jeremy how to play with G.I. Joes,” I remember a relative saying to one of my older cousins when I was six. I had […]