Thoughts from the Front Lines of the Heroin Epidemic

Tim Lineweaver has been there and works on the frontlines. The heroin epidemic isn’t going away and it’s in your homes and your backyards.

We Are All On A Hero’s Journey

The Hero: An ancient archetype older than civilization itself. Does it reside within each of us? — The demon that you can swallow gives you its power, and the greater life’s pain, the greater life’s reply.  ― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth We all have a story. It defines us, put us in relation to everything. […]

Star Wars and the Trauma of Repeating History

How do the complex familial attachments and separations of the Star Wars saga mirror our own traumas and paths to healing?

Doing It Alone

Trying to recover from your trauma alone is a long slow road. But opening up to others can be a huge step towards healing.

The Damage-Free Zone

When we’ve been hurt repeatedly, we need to seek out the damage-free zone for healing.

Shades of Play: Trauma Reenactment Versus Trauma Play

Has 50 Shades of Grey finally opened the door to explore clinicians’ biases surrounding BDSM?

How to Forgive a Dad Who Didn’t Show Up

Many will tell you to just write him off. Stephanie March chose not to and shows you how she did it.

Homo for the Holidays

Joe Kort, Ph.D. offers 9 helpful ways LGBTQ individuals and couples can lessen holiday stress with meaningful impact.

It’s OK to Freeze: Healing From Sexual Assault

Abuse survivor Amy Oestreicher explains that freezing and doing nothing is a natural, human reaction to trauma and assault.

When ‘I’m Speechless’ is More than Just a Phrase: How to Recognize the Signs of Trauma

If you or a person you care about has trauma, what then? Allegra Jordan shares some solutions.

Life and Love and Trauma: A Portrait of a Man—Part Two

Trauma can be a sharp edge invisibly cutting a relationship apart.

“Codependency” No More—Introducing Self-Love Deficit Disorder

Ross Rosenberg drops codependency for a new term and turns psychology upside down.

When Things Change in an Instant: The Attacks on Paris

How can we make sense of the attacks?

Life and Love and Trauma: A Portrait of a Man

We live our days within a culture of trauma. Its destructive nature wounds deeply, leaving us to struggle generation to generation. — Born into this Walking and living through this Dying because of this Muted because of this Castrated Debauched Disinherited Because of this Fooled by this Used by this Pissed on by this Made crazy […]

The Messages I Learned to Tell Myself

Uncomfortable. Irritated. Hateful. But whatever happened to supportive?