A Midlife Dad Struggles With Letting Go Of His Adult Son And Why


Three important lessons every father should learn to help avoid the inevitable.

The #1 Thing That’s Stopping You From Success


You can live an amazing life and accomplish your dreams if you beat this roadblock. — It took me a little while to figure out what was holding me back. And after only 33 years, I’ve discovered it. Now, you’re probably smiling and thinking that 33 years is a long time to figure things out. And you’re […]

What is Adventure and Why Do You Need It as a Man?


How has an adventure changed your life?  — Thus adventure gives you a feeling of freedom and ownership over your life. The title of my podcast is the Art of Adventure, and at the end of the show I ask all my guests. “what does adventure mean to you?” Answers usually relate to getting out […]

Why You Should Live Beyond Your Borders


This man sold everything and followed his dreams to Mexico. — Imagine living in a society where political correctness rules behavior. Imagine living in a society where there are only two choices, and all other choices are ignored or ridiculed. Imagine living among a significant majority who are detached from the nature of their humaneness. […]

Flying Away From Love

Flying Away by Jason Pratt

For Cabot O’Callaghan and his long-distance lover, time together tastes bittersweet—and always flies too fast.

A Tale of I40


The miles slowly added up as the interstate winded off in the rearview mirror and stretched across creosote bushes, yellow weeds and rocky peaks.

9 Steps To Figure Out What You Are Meant to Do in Life


Living an incredible life is within your grasp. Use these nine steps as a guide. — Have you ever had the feeling that you were meant for great things? I have had these feelings a lot. As I thought about my choices, one got me excited. It’s Sunday night, and I’m trying to find a movie […]

Delve into the Secret World of Intelligence – at Your Own Risk


If history and covert activity is something that inspires, this secret initiation is to die for – even if it won’t likely come to that.

7 Things to Consider Before Quitting a Job in the Name of Wanderlust


Think the perfect life can only be found 1,000 miles away? Think again.

3 Myths About the USA We Haven’t Seen While Traveling Full-Time For 3 Months


After visiting sixteen states with his family this year, this man says these myths about the U.S. shouldn’t keep you living in fear.  — The United States is a scary, violent place. Better stay home and keep your doors locked. If you watch the news, you could be fooled into believing that the United States […]

Why You Should Stop Waiting and Take a Chance


If you’re sitting on the fence about chasing a dream, a fitness goal, a girl, traveling across the world, or starting that dream business–take a chance. — People claim perfection doesn’t exist. They state it’s only a fantasy. For a brief period back in college, I was witnessing perfection. I took life’s leftovers and lived […]

What Traveling Taught Me About Long-Term Success


Adventure, life lessons, and amazing experiences happened to this man through his travels. Here’s what he learned. — Spiritual growth and living in the moment—this is what I thought road trips were all about, but I never thought long-term success would be the main lesson learned. But in the past five days, I have gawked […]

5 Simple Steps to Become a Well-Rounded Guy


There are a few ways you can stand out and live the kind of life most guys wish they lived. — We’re in an age of specialty, niche, and laser-focused targeting. Companies are paying top dollar for experts in their field, and social media lures us in with the promise of finding our tribe, the […]

When a Man Needs a Baby Diaper Bag

Men's Diaper Bag in Action

All that is needed for a man on the go—with baby in tow.

Machu Picchu, GO Campaign, and a New Perspective

scott in the classroom - peru 6-15 600

So what can we do to help? We can definitely scrape a little off the top of our lives and make a difference. Spend time, spread the word, write a check, take a trip, but most importantly find organizations like GO Campaign where 100% of your donation goes to real projects helping our very real future: the children. And of course, you can join us next year when we travel there again!

A Different Kathmandu: A Personal Recollection


After the recent earthquakes that have devastated the region, Richard Browner remembers a very different Nepal.