Slow Travel with Children – What Does the Tortoise Say?

Tortoise at Alligator Bay, Beauvoir, France

Slow and steady wins more than just races.

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin? Plan On It

Jameson Midleton

GMP’s James Stafford visited Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day courtesy of Jameson whiskey. Here’s his wrap up of his once in a lifetime experience.

Military Child Tim Mousseau Rethinks Traditional Concepts of Home

Home, American flag, Month of the Military Child, Armed Forces, April

GMP continues celebrating The Month of the Military Child.

My Father’s Pulse: The Spring Pulse Poetry Festival

Cobalt Lakeshore

Last spring, I attended the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival in Cobalt, Ontario with my father.

Ugly American Understudies

dress-up weekend

“So he and Tish would have to use strange cameras and mascara for a week. So what? After all, the swapped suitcase slip-up had quickly made them the center of their tour group’s sympathy.” By Matthew Pitt

How We Almost Died 5 Times in a Row in the Most Jumanji Way Possible


Dustin Timbrook and his friends may never go canoeing in Hawaii again. After you read this, you won’t, either.

Today I am Tired but I am Still a Husband and a Father

business travel- smswigart-flickr

Even after a long business trip Vaughan Granier knows that his family needs him to be present in the moment.

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For the Dude Who Says, “I Got it All Here. Why Travel Abroad?”

SoDudeSays photo by Christiaan Triebert

Living and participating in a different culture has a tendency to wipe away the perspective from your home cultural conditioning; behavior alters, personality changes, an individual adapts and grows more tolerant and versatile.

What Americans Could Achieve if We Banded Together Like We Did to Deport Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Too often we assume our politicians know or care what we care about. “We the People” have spoken. Can we get a redo?

100 Words on Love: Life By Map


First time fliers aren’t usually ecstatic.

Why I Followed My Wife Around the World (More Than Once)

travel around the world with you photo by camerakarrie

Jon Magidsohn has moved his house, business and family to follow his wife around the world. Four times. Here’s why that is part of the new norm.

The Suffering of Our Privilege


Cameron Conaway suffered from a few days of culture shock when he arrived in Thailand, and a few months of it when he arrived back home to Pennsylvania.

Book Excerpt: “Follow the Joy” by Jason Kurtz


At 27, Jason Kurtz bought a one way ticket to India. He was in search of happiness.

Searching for the Copper Salmon of O’Brian Creek

Alaska OBrian Creek 3 Dan Szczesny

An Alaskan side road takes Dan Szczesny to a local, and secret, fishing hotspot where the fish swim right into nets.

The Not-So-Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

Three months after we married, Celia and I up and moved to Italy. Six months later we returned to the States, almost broke and, somehow, still married.