7 Reasons Solo Road Trips are the Best Way to Travel

It’s a great way to really be present for the journey itself.

How My Wife And I Travel The World (Without Killing Each Other)

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Onward to Miami and Hemingway’s Big Fish

Mark and Todd’s great adventure with American Express and HiltonHHonors. What we decided to do was something neither of us had any experience with. Nada. Zero. Zip.

Embrace Uncertainty and Pursue Your Dreams

I wrote this in my notebook two weeks ago, just before boarding my flight to Medellín, Colombia…

The Largest Spices Market in Asia

I spent a few hours exploring Khari Baoli in New Delhi, which is the largest spices market in all of Asia.

3 Essential Business Lessons from Elton John Hit Songs

In this episode of the Starve the Doubts podcast, Melissa Thomas explains how she and her husband paid off over $43,000 in debt to pursue her dream of meeting Elton John.

Selfies: The New Extreme Sport

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Travel Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Chris Forte’s reflection on a trip to China.

A Powerful Way to Share the World

It was nothing short of genius for Expedia to decide to bring the world to those unable to travel anywhere.

The Elemental Brotherhood Men’s Retreat

During our event you will enjoy a unique opportunity to experience brotherhood, in an atmosphere of relaxation, magic and adventure.

What A Family Vacation Reminded Me About Enjoying Life

Sometimes it is the very simple things that reminds us of important things we are missing in life.

The Joyful Results of My Grand Travel Experiment

I learned how to work and workout and meditate while traveling, which were big areas of weakness for me. — I’m just finishing up four weeks in Europe with Eva and the kids and wrapping up my Grand Travel Experiment. I have to say it was (mostly) a success. I wasn’t perfect, but even in the […]

Explore Rome – Man in the Eternal City

What can you discover exploring a city by foot?

Sowing Wild Oats: Why Restless Young Men Need to Wander and Wonder

While I happen to be a gardener, sowing wild oats was something I have never done.