A Different Kathmandu: A Personal Recollection


After the recent earthquakes that have devastated the region, Richard Browner remembers a very different Nepal.

Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zones

comfort zone

As a habitual wanderer, Tim Mousseau has learned a few secrets to personal growth. His biggest lesson—living in repetition & comfort zones breed mediocrity.

What I Will Never Forget About You…


I’ll never forget how hard you tried to make it work, even from 3,000 miles away. I’m sorry for that first year.

We Traveled 10,000 Miles To Save Our Marriage


Alone in the world again, we were able to see each other for why we first fell in love.

Sky’s the Limit: Raising Kids Who Travel

Sky's the Limit

Travel exposures our children to other cultures and helps them to learn from the world around them.

Using Wanderlust to Grow


There is a beauty in wanderlust, but with travel comes discomfort. Properly managing this discomfort can make a profound difference.

Minimalism Isn’t Traveling the World With Nothing


Leo Babauta wants to clear up a few misconceptions for you.

It’s a Wonderble Life

Its a Wonderble by Loren Javier

Have you ever taken the face-to-face risk with a long-distance online crush? Here’s what happened when Cabot O’Callaghan did.

8 Reasons to Choose College over Travel


Bill White says travel is fun, but college gives you what you need for success.

From Small-Town to Big Dreams, How to Make the Big Leap


Ever envied someone who gets to do what they love to do at work? Somebody who seems fulfilled by his or her day job? The travel writer, or the gourmet chef, or the physical therapist? These people have found careers that fit their passions instead of fishing for passions in a chosen career. It sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Want Better Relationships? Travel More


Alex Cequea took a trip around the world, and all he came back with were these practical life lessons.

Keeping Up with the Conversation

no readng and flying

You can keep up with The Good Men Project even when you’re on the go.

A Globe-Hopping Dad Shares the Secrets to Family Travel


Cliff Hsia has taken his family including infant children all over the world. Daunting? You bet. Here is how he has done it.

8 Reasons to Choose Travel Over Going to College


College isn’t what it used to be. Could travel give you all the education you need?

Two Days in Kashgar


Bradford Philen spends two days in Kashgar and learns about the life long struggle of Uyghur people in China.

World Schooling: When Children Study Abroad

World Schooling: When Children Study Abroad

Cliff Hsia offers a practical guide to the many benefits that can come from enrolling your kids in local schools during extended international trips abroad.