4 Steps to Being a Present Dad

Being a present parent in a hyper-connected world isn’t easy. Cliff Hsia has a four step process he recommends for dads to be connected to their kids.

From Malibu to Maui

There is a purity and a beauty in this magical place that had me reflecting about my own life, my own home, and of course, my own mind. It’s a great opportunity to be in such a special place, but what about my own special place? What about my own home?

A Life in Motion; How Traveling Made Me the Man I Am

Choosing a life on the move isn’t as romantic as it sounds, but it develops self awareness and character like nothing else in the world.

What Travel Can Teach Guys About Living Life

I’m not saying that guys have to travel the world to live a good life, but if you get the opportunity, travel can teach you some invaluable life lessons. It can open you up in a way you didn’t think was possible.

One Method to Be an Expert, Beat Frustration and Get Results

Whether you want to improve your personal finances, fitness performance, business performance, relationships, happiness, spiritual life or learning ability—it always works.

Good Men Project Live Storytelling Event—Meet You At The Gate

Edie Weinstein tells a story about her parents, now gone, and the special way they had of connecting.

What I Learned When I Gave Up The 9 to 5

Jacob Laukaitis has traveled to over 25 different countries in the last two years. He rarely spends more than a month in a country. Here’s his story on how he became a digital nomad.

Travelling without Moving

Perhaps the greatest journey of our lifetime takes place while we are standing still. No passport, no airports, no queues – and very often in the blink of an eye.

The Photographer as Travel Agent

Bad photographs are a corrupting influence upon the imagination. They tell us lies about the world—pernicious, photoshopped lies—which make the real world, the only one we ever really have, seem bland and boring by comparison.

A Midlife Dad Struggles With Letting Go Of His Adult Son And Why

Three important lessons every father should learn to help avoid the inevitable.

The #1 Thing That’s Stopping You From Success

You can live an amazing life and accomplish your dreams if you beat this roadblock. — It took me a little while to figure out what was holding me back. And after only 33 years, I’ve discovered it. Now, you’re probably smiling and thinking that 33 years is a long time to figure things out. And you’re […]

What is Adventure and Why Do You Need It as a Man?

How has an adventure changed your life?  — Thus adventure gives you a feeling of freedom and ownership over your life. The title of my podcast is the Art of Adventure, and at the end of the show I ask all my guests. “what does adventure mean to you?” Answers usually relate to getting out […]

Why You Should Live Beyond Your Borders

This man sold everything and followed his dreams to Mexico. — Imagine living in a society where political correctness rules behavior. Imagine living in a society where there are only two choices, and all other choices are ignored or ridiculed. Imagine living among a significant majority who are detached from the nature of their humaneness. […]

Flying Away From Love

For Cabot O’Callaghan and his long-distance lover, time together tastes bittersweet—and always flies too fast.

A Tale of I40

The miles slowly added up as the interstate winded off in the rearview mirror and stretched across creosote bushes, yellow weeds and rocky peaks.

9 Steps To Figure Out What You Are Meant to Do in Life

Living an incredible life is within your grasp. Use these nine steps as a guide. — Have you ever had the feeling that you were meant for great things? I have had these feelings a lot. As I thought about my choices, one got me excited. It’s Sunday night, and I’m trying to find a movie […]