Beards…or no Beards?

Decisions to wear (or not wear) facial hair are bound up in a complex web of meanings and influences.

The Art of Coming Out on YouTube

You can call it a fad or a trend, but it’s still amazing.

But What do all These Hipster Beards Mean?

Beards, moustaches, whiskers, and beardlessness tell us about the ways masculinity, gender, and sexuality have all shifted through time.

High Schoolers’ Promposals Are Nauseatingly Adorable

There’s a new trend flooding teenage Instagram feeds all over the internet—they’re called “promposals” and they’re something to behold.

Princeton Study Says Social Media Like an Infectious Disease

Lori Lothian thinks she’s caught the social media fever and wonders if there is a cure.

I Lived A Day According to Tom Ford’s Schedule And I Felt Like The 1%

I know that one day on his routine will not lift me into the 1%, but it’s easy to see how a schedule like this could get me there.

The Importance of Pecking Orders to Boys

Should parents and teachers intervene in the jockeying for status endemic among adolescent boys?

Social Media, Future Trends

Lisa Hickey quickly highlights a few changing trends she sees in the Social Media landscape.

Don’t Fear the Fad

Just because something is a fad does not necessarily make it a bad investment.

How to Lose a Guy…Forever

Raymond Bechard discusses the trend of current relationships and the top 15 reasons why they just won’t work out.

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New Masculinity Trend Pieces Must Die!

Have you been too patriarchal lately? Well, that puts you behind the curve. In Australia.

Dictate the Interests of Millions for Only $100,000 a Day

If you’re a devoted Mad Man and hemorrhaging money, you can now dictate to over 160 million Twitter users what is cool and important.

Saying ‘I Do’ in Eye Shadow?

You know what really says “I will love you for the rest of my life”? Blush, foundation, and just a hint of eyeliner. At least that’s what would have us believe. An online wedding resource center, Awesome Weddings writes authoritative articles on what brides and grooms should do to prepare for their weddings. Now […]

#, @, lol, and Other Annoying Internet Slang

Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz, the masterminds behind the sharply hilarious blog, “Stuff Hipsters Hate,” explore three of the Internet’s most annoying language pariahs. As they put it, “If you want to put your finger on the entity that’s currently shaping and torquing our lexicon like a game of drunken Twister, you’re already there: Look […]