Remote Village Faces Potential Suicide Epidemic

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Two suicides may not seem like a lot, but in a community of 300 people, it’s significant.

2012: A Year of Outrages


It was a year of zany attacks from all sides. I’m thinking that might just mean we are onto something.

Project Unspoken: You’re not just a victim. You’re a survivor.

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A video by the students of Emory University that speaks to Trey and every other survivor.

Why Colleges and Universities Need To Stop Pretending They Can Handle Sexual Assault Cases Internally


Past a certain point, institutions lose the benefit of the doubt.

Can We Please Kill the Headline “He Cheated”?

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Tom Matlack believes the ‘cheater news cycle’ cheats us out of more important discussions.

“We can’t support boys and men who are struggling when we believe that their struggles make them weak.”


These are comments by JJ and Joanna Schroeder on the post “Lead a Good Life, Everyone: Trey Malone’s Suicide Note”.

Is It Ever Okay to Publish a Suicide Note?


The President of Amherst, Trey’s Mom, a suicide survivor and a clinical expert weigh in.

An Opportunity to Say Good-Bye: An Amherst Student Responds to a Suicide


“As Amherst College students, I feel that we were not given an opportunity to say goodbye until the publication of Trey’s letter.”

Lead a Good Life, Everyone: Trey Malone’s Suicide Note


Trey Malone took his own life two years ago today, in June 2012. His last wish was that his voice finally be heard and listened to.