100 Words on Love: I Hope You Know I’m Grateful


With every touch and declaration, my chest swells.

Why Love Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

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Jackson Bliss explains why love is beautiful precisely because it’s irrational

“By celebrating myself, I’m more able to celebrate others with genuine love.”

love yourself

This comment by Todd on the post The Importance of Male Self-Love

“choose to let romance/excitement go…choose to stop taking care of ourselves physically…”

old love

This comment by Lee on the post Why Love Doesn’t have to Make Sense

In Defense of Manic Pixie Dream Girls and the People Who Love Them


N.C. Harrison attempts to redefine a hackneyed trope while coming to terms with his own masculinity.

It Almost Didn’t Happen


While I was wandering the desert of relationships, I almost missed a chance at love.

Love Like the Ocean

photo by omaromar

Kate Bartolotta doesn’t buy into fairy tale love. But love like the ocean? That she believes in.

Does True Love Exist?

love is a puzzle

Carl Pettit is a romantic: despite the word’s overuse, he still believes in love—true love.

100 Words on Love: She Always Meets Me Halfway

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It’s ten years later, and we’ve been meeting each other halfway ever since.

The Battle They Didn’t Choose: His Wife’s Fight with Breast Cancer (Video and Photos)


Before going to bed each night, Angelo Merendino and his wife would ask each other one question.

Valentine to My Mom

Billy Johnson II and his mother

Billy Johnson II knows how hard it was to raise him, and in recognition of the woman whose fingerprints are all over the man he is today, this year he has just one valentine: his mother.

Romance Is Not Dead


Two philosophy students go sailing and end up making music (and love).

“I’m a battle hardened soldier and I have tears on my cheeks. I’m so fortunate to have a bride like that!”


This is a comment by Christa Hawkins on the post “A Love Story In 22 Pictures”.

Seven Years Later: Reflections on Marriage


Love, when it is real and good, is many things. Seth Dombach on seven years of wedded bliss.

Reasons I Have Rejected Guys Based on Their OkCupid Profiles


In her latest tongue-in-cheek post, Bridget Callahan offers a list of reasons for shooting down potential OkCupid suitors.

Interstate Love Song*


I met her at a truck stop. Her name was Ruby Tuesday. “I was named for the restaurant, not for the Stones song. My brother is named Applebee’s. Yes, with the apostrophe.”