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Call for Submissions – Tell Me a Story About Trust

Embed from Getty Images Ernest Hemingway said: The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them   What do you think about this quote? The Good Men Project wants to hear your story of trust. Do you think it’s true? Have you ever done this, and if so what happened? […]

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The great gift men can offer women is being allies by cultivating the type of environment–at work, home and in society–where respect and equality are the default rather than something that has to be fought for and won.

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Embed from Getty Images Steve Austin’s shame no longer defines him. He has moved on, and so has his family.   My four year old son had been begging for his first dog for months. With Christmas nearly here, he was upping the intensity daily. The final straw for me was his cry of, “Will […]

Making A Relationship Gratitude List: How To Set A Positive Tone For The New Year

The easiest way to be happy in your relationship is to identify what makes you grateful about the other person. If the list is short you have to look harder . . . or for another person.

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Theresa Byrne wants to introduce you to a concept called the Miracle Twist and hopes one comes along to light your way.

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