The Greatest Problem with Men Today is the Lack of Them

Below are the choices I believe define a man, and contribute to healthier relationships in all forms—especially with self.

What Love Laws Are Breaking Your Relationship?

Kyle Benson believes we are affected by unconscious forces. These “love laws” determine relationship success or failure.

‘But You Don’t Know My Boyfriend’ and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves

She thought she knew boyfriend, and that her suspicions would be wrong.

The Most Important Lesson My Dad Taught Me

Forrest Gump got it wrong: Life is like an ice cream store—on vacation with your dad.

If He Had Just Worn a Ring—a PSA from the Woman You Just Flirted with All Night

Gentlemen—wear a ring and be upfront about your relationship—or you could hurt someone.

Five Wrong Assumptions About Dating a Woman Who was Betrayed

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know her baggage or what she’s looking for.

How to be a Firestarter – 5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

You’ve got a great and capable team. Now ignite their passions and let them show you what they’re capable of.

How Can We Trust You?

As black men in America, how can we place any trust in the police?

11 Truths about Honesty and the Selfish Reasons to Practice It

Telling the truth may be just what you need to strengthen your relationship.

Why Michael Moore Gets on My Nerves

What has Michael Moore done to the documentary genre?

Who Are You in Your Relationships? A Master or a Victim?

A master loves, a victim blames. Are you acting out of fear or out of love?

Comment of the Day: ‘After my husband’s second affair, I realized that we were looking at all the wrong places.’

This comment was by Annah Elizabeth on the post If You Ever Use This Phrase Your Marriage is Probably Doomed by Steve Horsmon

How Much Better Would Your Relationship be if You Could Read Your Partner’s Mind?

What if you want to prove your trustworthiness, but your partner is too scared to give you the chance?

The 3As In Relationship Success: Acceptance, Appreciation, Acknowledgement

Why is it so hard to accept the person we love? Steven Lake explores this and more to understand the 3As for relationship success.

The Simple Truths Of Building Trust

Trust is a critical but often misunderstood aspect to our relationships. It doesn’t have to be that complicated.

How to Let Your Husband Be a Father

When parenting took over my marriage