The Easter Bunny Tale: Fun Fiction or Harmful Myth?

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This Easter perhaps consider gently giving your children a basketful of honesty about who really supplies the Easter eggs.

“Your happiness in your marriage is your responsibility.”

Together 4 life

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Back Off My Wife! My Jealousy of a Little Girl


Doug Zeigler used to get frustrated and angered by his daughter’s constant attempts to get his wife’s attention. But then he saw what was really the issue: his jealousy.

Is It Time To Kiss & Break Up With Make-Up?

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When make-up becomes a mask that we use to hide behind, is it even possible to have an authentic relationship with ourselves or anyone else?

Take It On The Chin. Time For A Home Truth Or Two

Time For A Home Truth Or Two

Dr. Richard Norris shares how the truth can be hard to swallow, especially if the truth points out our failings.

Five Lies It’s OK to Tell Your Children

Five Lies It's OK by Thomas Fiffer

Shocking Revelation: The Good Men Project’s Ethics Editor lies to his kids.

“Rage should always be reconsidered and de-escalated as quickly as possible, and forgiveness should never be taken for granted.”

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What Kind of Card Do You Give for a Divorce?

Jacob Nordby, Greeting Card, divorce, honesty, marriage, being honest with yourself, facing the truth, ending a marriage,

Jacob Nordby thinks about whether loving someone should ever mean parting ways

Do You Know How to Listen to a Survivor’s Story?

truth to light

As survivors, we often don’t feel worthy of someone believing our stories. But believe me, you deserve people who are willing to listen.

5 Important Things Nobody Told You About Marriage

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You probably asked for whatever advice you could find when you got married. Here are five important things from a marriage counselor that nobody told you when you got married.

Getting Worked by a Pro


When it comes to professional wrestling, lifelong fan N.C. Harrison is happy to suspend his disbelief.

Shattered Heroes: Gandhi’s Dark Side?


In the city of Cerritos a statue of Gandhi symbolizes immorality and hypocrisy.

What I Won’t Do For My Husband


Nadira Hira’s manifesto on marriage.

23 Ways to Take Your Character to the Gym

Take your character to the gym photo by amslerpix

Could your character use a workout to make it as strong as your body? Vaughn Granier, with some suggestions.

The Unrevealed Soul


The unexamined life, and what it means for the world around you.

The Lie of Heroes: How Kerouac Almost Killed Me


By trying to follow in his literary hero’s footsteps, Jarad Dewing learned that not all heroes are what they seem.