How Kids Choose Colleges Today

The Big Decision by J Clement Wall

Is your student bewildered by college options? Or does it all boil down to this?

To Pay or Not to Pay: The College Dilemma


With college tuition skyrocketing, should parents have to pay for their children’s college education? Brandy Pettigrew explores the balance for between paying for her sons’ college and pride in achieving an education on their own.

Tennessee Governor Proposes Free College Education

College Campus_AP File

Education is something that should be considered a right; it’s already seen as such in the rest of the developed world, yet America lags behind.

How the US Government Could Make Public College Free for all Students

college- COD Newsroom-flickr

The government could use what it spends to make college more affordable to make public university free.

“Years ago, friends of ours had 7 kids, and they expected all of them to go to college.”

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This comment was by Tom B. on the post The Case Against Saving for College Years ago, friends of ours who had 7 kids, and they expected all of them to go to college. These people were by no means wealthy. Nonetheless, they did sock money away into college funds for the kids. Keeping in […]

Can States Outlaw Free Online Education?


Minnesota requires a registration fee, even when courses are offered for free, online. Is this justifiable? Can it be enforced?

The Boots


When the educational system fails you, try ebay.

Buying ‘Sugar Daughters’: What’s Really Wrong With the Sugar-Daddy Phenomenon

sugar daddy

Some college students are paying off their debts with sex.