Robin Williams Rest In Peace

Robin Williams

We have lost ‘The Funniest Man in the World’

‘Manhattan’ Is Explosive


Manhattan takes a closer look at our Nuclear Past.

‘Married’ Is Marriage To The Extreme

Married couch

If you’re looking for that feel good happy ending, this is not your show.

The Magnificent 7 Patriotic TV Shows

MASH header

What is your favorite patriotic TV show? Brandy Pettigrew offers her Independence Day top seven.

Drive Less, Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss, Good Men Project, Huffington Post UK, Driving, Driving and Narcissism, Entitled Drivers, Drivers are Assholes, Ethics and Values, Drive Less and Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss explains why driving, social disconnection and cultural narcissism are all interconnected

Why Parenthood is the Manliest Show on Television

From the set of Parenthood

Shadley Grei thinks men should overlook the tear-stained stigma of NBC’s family drama and watch it actually explore the real struggles of modern men.

What Happened To The Good Guys?


Why the new “American hero” is anything but.

Don’t Fear the Fad


Just because something is a fad does not necessarily make it a bad investment.

Our Can’t-Miss TV Show Idea: The Tech Boyzz


Oliver Lee Bateman has just invented the greatest TV show in the history of mankind.

Ladd as a Lad


Andrew Ladd Shares a snapshot of childhood in 1990s Scotland.

The History Behind Mad Men Moments


Mad Men gives us a glimpse into yesteryear by using accurate historical themes.

‘Men of a Certain Age’: The Recap, Part 10


Tough decisions put the men in the corner.

Did You Fall for Glee’s Boob Ploy?

glee screenshot

Glee tried to retain the Super Bowl man-mentum with some smoking boob action.

Mad Men Goes to School

mad men and grad cap

It was only a matter of time before Mad Men seeped into academia. Now UC Berkeley offers a course on the already iconic 1960s-set show.

Twitter, the Muse


CBS may soon eliminate the need for screenwriters entirely; the network has begun creating entire shows out of Twitter accounts. After the strong debut of S#*! My Dad Says, CBS has agreed to launch a second sitcom based on a Twitter feed. Shh … Don’t Tell Steve, based on the Twitter account of the same name, will […]