‘Lucifer’ Shows a Different Side of this Fallen Angel

This new show coming to Fox shows the devil is a whole new way Fox has always been at the forefront of clever new TV show ideas. They have brought audiences The Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad and many other clever live action programs that people of all ages love to watch each week. Next year […]

Feeling Like a Child in the World of Pop Culture

It’s impossible to enjoy a movie or television show today quite as much as you did when you were a child. Matthew Rozsa speculates as to why.

Backlash for Backstrom

James Halcomb deconstructs Fox’s new crime drama.

‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Could Be The New ‘Modern Family’

James Holcomb reviews ABC’s newest comedy series. Could ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ give us a new twist on the modern family?

The Bachelor, Shirtless Men, And The Dawn Of The Female Gaze

Are the reality show’s ubiquitous shirtless scenes a strange sign of progress?

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Welcomes you to Level 7

A new show by Joss Whedon that fills in the gaps of the Marvel cinematic universe.

The Entourage Trailer is Finally Here

The wait is over! Fans of ‘Entourage’ will love this sneak peek at the new movie.

A Final Farewell to Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson

James Halcomb says good-bye to two staples of his television viewing. The Late Late Show has said farewell to Craig Ferguson and Stephen Colbert has left Comedy Central.

National Geographic Goes Foodie

James Halcomb reviews National Geographic’s new shows and finds a Monday night for the food and drink lover in you.

‘Once Upon a Time’ Is a Different Kind of Fairy Tale

There are no women in distress, and monsters are not so easy to see on this hot TV drama.

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned from ‘Sesame Street’

‘Sesame Street’ is Celebrating Their 45th Anniversary this week. James Halcomb talks about what boys learn by watching this classic show from his childhood.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Proves Nerds Are Cool

A show that reminds us how far we have come as a society in embracing our inner nerd.

Don’t Dismiss ‘Stalker,’ Recognize The Danger

Brandy Pettigrew talks about CBS’s newest show and the rising risk of being victimized by a real Stalker.

Who Will Outwit, Outplay, Outlast?

‘Survivor’ brings new twists into the game. Which man or woman will take home the title of Sole Survivor this season?

‘Black-ish’ is More -Ish Than Black

‘Black-ish’ falls flat at bringing in the laughs and addressing racial issues.

‘Gotham’ A Prequel to Power

Brandy Pettigrew reviews Fox’s new show. Can you find all of the future heroes and villains in Gotham?