How Can You Protect Your Children from Commercials?

How Can I Protect My Children from Commercials?

Dr. Deborah Gilboa suggests strategies for how parents can talk to their kids about the unrealistic and often inappropriate messages that can be found in modern commercials.

Daily Dead announces two AMC pilots “Knifeman” & “Galyntine”


Alex Yarde is psyched about the prospect of more AMC geeky goodness courtesy of DailyDead.Com

Sonnet at the End of Eating


Jeff Oaks evokes the late-night loneliness of television in a dark room, and the sense that something has been lost.

You Might as Well Face It, You’re Addicted to…Fill in the Blank


Bruce Sanguin digs deep beneath the surface of addiction. What he finds there is surprisingly common and seductively ordinary.

The Question Is…. What Are Your Top 5 TV Dramas?


6) The Fall Guy
Colt Seavers was the man and a truly fine singer to boot.

Parents: Stop Judging Each Other

crying, kid, baby

How our need for a “right way to raise a child” is making us unhappy—and what we can do about it.

The Power of Dad

oral-b, dad, father, kids, children, video, ad, commericial, smiling

Sometimes brands get it. This ad will have you smiling.

The Greatest Thanksgiving Video of All Time

god, witness, turkeys, fly, wkrp, cincinnati, tv, show, clip, video, thanksgiving, humor, funny

There have been some hit and miss holiday promotions over the years, but this one takes the cake (pie?).

A Month of Thankfulness: Broken Strings


Sometimes a random song can change your life profoundly and for the good. Doug Zeigler shares how thankful he is for this brand of kismet.

Who Will Win the World Series? Let’s Ask Dad

baseball, world series, players

Today is Game 1 of the World Series. We wanted to know if dads had any predictions, so Carter Gaddis asked them.

No TV for YOU!

another young mind stolen tv 588 350

Veronica Grace doesn’t let her sons watch TV and they like it! No really, they do!

Get Inside and Start Watching More TV

Get inside and start watching more tv

Patrick Brothwell is an out and proud tv watcher. Here’s why.

Somewhat Deaf and Completely Scared


Doug Zeigler was born with a hearing defect. He tried all he could to hide it from everyone for one reason: FEAR.

Feeling Famous


I am feeling almost famous and I have to combat those parts of me that are afraid.

I Don’t Want to Keep Up With The Kardashians

Old TV

Alex Yarde remembers sitting down as a family to watch TV together, and thinks about the ways in which entertainment has changed over the years – for better and for worse.

My Crappy Restaurant

Bic Mac Closeup

Steve Coruzzi once owned a restaurant. And he was killing you.