The Seven Habits of Highly Neurotic Authors

The computer: My best friend, my worst enemy

Everyone has bad habits. When Andrew J. Peters became a published author, he picked up a few more.

Cutting in Line Is Not OK—Unless You Use ReservationHop

Cutting in Line by Will

Power has its privileges, but apps can level the playing field—unless of course, they’re designed to entitle the entitled.

19 Best Dad Tweets of This Week

19 Best Dad Tweets of This Week

What fathers had to say on Twitter this week.

The Israeli-Palestinian Battle for a Twitter Hashtag #BringBackOurBoys


Jack Flanagan discusses the emerging twitter hashtag and the controversy surrounding it.

6 Things Guys Shouldn’t Say on Social Media


The Mankipedia has some valuable tips about how to be taken seriously on social media.

Join The Good Men Project for a #DadsRead Twitter Party on Thursday June 12th

Join The Good Men Project for a #DadsRead Twitter Party on Thursday June 12th

Get ready for Father’s Day by joining our Twitter Party, talking about dads and reading, and winning some fabulous prizes at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on Thursday, June 12th

Lessons from #NotAllMen/#YesAllWomen

lessons couple FaceMePLS.jpg

#YesAllWomen wasn’t an attack; it was an almost unprecedented invitation to listen. Devin McCutchen shares what we can learn from these six words.

How To Humiliate Your Ex and Get 30K Followers On Twitter


Dillan DiGiovanni breaks down precisely how to get 30K followers on twitter.

First World Problems (as Seen on Twitter) Read by Third World People

first world

As most of us already knew, it turns out “First World Problems” aren’t really problems at all. Not having enough clean water? Now, that’s a problem. This ad campaign from Water is Life puts it all into perspective.

Mystery Man Pays it Forward With Twitter Treasure Hunt


The three little words that can change your day: “I found cash!”

Is There Really a Difference Between Donald Sterling and the Redskins?


Joanna Schroeder looks at the legacy NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could leave if he chose to lead against racism the way the NBA has.

As a Young Man, Do You Spend More Time Creating or Consuming?


There is risk in spending too much time consuming others’ works and missing out on the creation of something which advances our life or the world of those around us.

7 Women That Men Should Follow on Twitter


Kyle Ashlee has studied and taught about gender dynamics for years. Here are the 7 women he recommends all men follow on Twitter.

Dear Men, If You Could Write, Tweet, or Talk to Your Younger Self, What Would You Say?

letter to me

GMP invites you to participate in a multi-media experience where you can share anything you want with your younger self.

School Stabbing Victim Takes Hospital Selfie

School Stabbing Victim by Nate Scimio

Pennsylvania school-stabbing victim Nate Scimio wants the world to know he’s OK. Let’s hear it for resilience.

Black student gets into every Ivy League school, Reddit gets racist

Kwasi Enin

Student’s admittance into elite US universities sparks online conversation about race and affirmative action.