The Truth About Charlie Sheen and His HIV Status

There are a lot of rumors. Alex Temblador breaks down what is real about Charlie and his HIV status.

Creating Sexually Healthy Young Men: A Cultural Failure

Dr. Andrew Smiler discusses why we think so little of male sexuality. — When it comes to dating and sex, American don’t think highly of young men. Perhaps it’s all those politicians tweeting di** pics, all the male celebrities cheating on their partners, the perpetual stories of male undergrads assaulting their female peers, or the […]

Reducing My Misogyny Footprint

Steve Neumann is taking a new look at what it really means to love women, and how to take a new stand against the #Mis-Print that marks him as a child of his time.

“Two and a Half Men” Gay Adoption Plot: A Good Laugh or Just Laughable?

Brent Almond argues that an upcoming gay adoption subplot on the popular CBS sitcom is an insulting dismissal of the reality of same-sex adoption in the United States.

In Defense of Toilet Humor

Pat Brothwell on you why smart, cultured and sophisticated people can still enjoy a good fart joke.

“That’s Not How We’re Gonna Do It”

An unexpected lesson on mature relationship-building from The Big Bang Theory.

Male Sexuality is Threatening Because We Don’t Understand It

Andrew Smiler identifies 7 things we can do today to change ideas about male sexuality

7 Misconceptions About Male Sexuality

Think you know everything about male sexuality? Andrew Smiler insists that you probably don’t.

Video: Craig Ferguson on Making Fun of Celebrities and His Own Addiction

In this classic video, Craig Ferguson tells the moving story of how, in the depths of addiction, he almost killed himself, and explains why he doesn’t want to make fun of struggling celebrities.

Morality, Money and “Two and a Half Men”

Child-star-turned-born-again-Christian Angus T. Jones trashes “Two and a Half Men,” the very show on which he stars. “I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it,” he says, after warning people to stop watching the show. “Please stop watching it,” he continues. “Please stop filling your head with filth.”

Boys and Men Just Want Sex. Right?

In reality, most male undergraduates don’t have—or want—multiple sex partners.

Humorless Feminists and Misogynist Republicans?

Joanna Schroeder wonders if The Onion is doing damage to both men and women when joking about female voters having silly crushes on Republican Candidates.

2.5 Men

Uncle Woofie looks at the characters from the show Two and a Half Men and why, true to all situation comedies, they

Two and a Half Shades of Masculinity

Joanna Schroeder hates the show Two and a Half Men, and wonders if she’s the only one.

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Good Morning! Today is Friday, May 13, a national holiday for sufferers of triskaidekaphobia. Here are some other links of note today.

Good Morning Links

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