“Dad, What Do I Call Jason?”

One man’s journey bringing a new father figure into his kid’s life.

The Night Two Men Became Two Dads, Part 2

This is the second part of Anthony Romeo’s three-part post about the night his son was born. Read the first part of the series here.

How a Dad Got the Kid Who Already Lived in His Heart

Sean O’Donnell had two great desires, one to eat a lot of donuts and the other to become a dad. Here is how one of those, the most important one, came true.

One Family, Two Dads, Three Languages

Writer Jason Howe lives in a home rich with bilingualism and multiculturalism. He shares about the complexities and benefits these bring to his life and his family.

Two Dads & Two Daughters Win the Internet Again

Once upon a time, a picture of two dads doing their daughters’ hair almost broke the internet. Now they’re back to share their normal with everyone in a new ad from Nikon.

A Gay Dad Sounds Off About the Iowa Moms and an Unthinkable Tragedy

As an adoptive parent, Rob Watson has a special message for the two moms who had their adopted son taken back, only to have him suffer a terrible fate.

A Son Tells His Gay Dad , “You Are Not My Mom”

Although he knows he didn’t mean it, those words hurt Rob Watson, and where his son got the idea hurt almost as much.

“It’s not babysitting or duty when it’s your child. It’s parenting…Dad’s are important parents.”

This Comment by Erika on the post The Funniest Things Strangers Said to Us After We Adopted Our Dude Not gay, but I have a husband who is a Daddy to his children. We work schedules so that the children didn’t need day care when little. Yes, we have “Daddy Days” in our house where […]

Raising Our Man to Be a Man

To Garon and Jamie, equality is important, and they’re gonna make sure their little dude knows that.

Sorry Little Dude, But Your Dads Are Still Confused

Garon Wade and his husband are getting used to this dad thing, but some stuff still makes them go ‘Huh?’

The Funniest Things Strangers Said to Us After We Adopted Our Dude

Garon Wade and his husband Jamie were prepared for their son in 2012. They were not prepared for what strangers had to say.

12-Year-Old With Two Dads Writes Moving Letter to Justice Roberts

Daniel Martinez-Leffew, “articulately spells how his family will be affected if Prop 8 is allowed to stand.”

Brokeback Bethlehem

When you’re a parent, a Christmas miracle isn’t something you pray for—it’s something you pray you never need.

Into the Wilderness of Parenting

In his latest story collection, writer David Ebenbach plumbs the depths of parenthood

Foster Care to Family in Australia: Two Dads Raise a Son

Couple receives extensive foster care support, and gets a family

President Obama Responds to Girl with Two Dads

President Obama’s response to girl with two dads: What matters most of all is the love we show one another.