Alternate Endings to 2012

If the world had ended this year, it might have gone something like this.

Makeovers Don’t Make the Man: A Political Lesson from the Canadian Reform Party

The Canadian Reform Party tried to pull a Mitt Romney, once: Preston Manning. Donald D’Haene has a close encounter of the conservative kind.

The Amnesia of 9/11

We came together as a country eleven years ago. Can we do it again in 2012?

The Lesser of Two Evils = Vote Third Party

When both Obama and Romney support policies that create terror abroad, it’s time Americans vote for a third-party solution.

Beats the Alternative

What makes it so hard to be old?

Canadians are Excited to Vote … in the U.S. Election

Four years ago, a London, Ontario politician told me, “You’re for Barack Obama? I know someone who has an Obama sign on their lawn. Let’s go and swipe it.”

Suck It Up

Greg White learns the hard way after liposuction: Quick, painless solutions to long festering problems are the stuff of campaign promises, not physical reality.

Blackmail in the Digital Age

How would one conduct blackmail in the digital age, in which the idea of an ‘original copy’ is meaningless? Carl Pettit considers this theoretical dilemma.