Why Randy Couture is My Hero


Though Randy Couture’s been retired almost three years now, Drew Griffiths explains why the behavior the MMA fighter modeled remains worthy of emulation.

Congrats to Georges St-Pierre


UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre should be applauded, not ridiculed, for his decision to step away from the sport.

Man-to-Man with Mixed Martial Artist Kenny Florian


Cameron Conaway interviews one of his personal inspirations, retired UFC fighter Kenny Florian.

Soccer and MMA: America’s Sports


Among the stories dominating sports’ summer landscape , there are some you may have missed. Liam Day discusses the subtle, but important shifts taking place.

UFC Fight Night 26 Preview

Tristen Critchfield previews the co-main events at tonight’s UFC Fight Night 26.

Matches to Make After UFC on Fuel 10


After this weekend’s UFC on Fuel 10, Brian Knapp looks ahead to what should come next.

Matches to Make After UFC on Fox 7


After last night’s split decision, Brian Knapp gives us six more matches that should be made.

Transgender MMA Fighter Raises Issues of Safety and Justice


Should transgender fighter Fallon Fox be permitted to compete as a woman? Michael Kane and Justin Cascio respond.

Is the NFL Ready for a Gay Player?

football (440x280)

Sources say at least one gay NFL player may be ready to make his sexual orientation public.

The Benefits of Arrogance


Arrogance should not be encouraged, right?

Should Garrett Holeve, MMA Fighter with Down Syndrome, Be Given a Fair Fight?


Jordan Breen at Sherdog argues that Garrett Holeve, an MMA fighter with Down syndrome, deserves a fight.

Your Marriage Isn’t Typical


Sadly, our most common criticisms of marriage reveal much more about the critics than the state of contemporary romance.

[VIDEO] UFC Champ Benson Henderson’s Post-Fight Speech


Benson retained his lightweight title in dominant fashion, but his speech afterwords drew just as much attention.

On the Sexuality of Mixed Martial Arts


Of the top ten most popular sports in America, MMA is viewed as both the gayest and the straightest

Stereotyping the Fighter


Most of us started fighting out of fear.

Outside the Cage


Cameron Conaway fights envy when his friend Charlie Brenneman finds victory in the UFC.