Six Easy Ways To Tell If That Viral Story Is A Hoax

Pete Brown shows us how to navigate viral stories in their honesty.

How To Get More Men Using Condoms — Put The Pleasure Back Into Sex

Putting pleasure and excitement at the heart of our discussions with young men provides us with a coherent, inclusive and meaningful starting point from which to talk about sex.

A Purple Patch

The climate in the UK is changing, and wildlife’s rhythm is the book where we can read the small marks of change.

Bravery and the Political Class: Why Expectations Are Low for Our Current Crop of UK Politicians

Is there a lack of bravery in UK politicians? Peter Kirby-Harris discusses. _____ It is widely understood that David Cameron is an excellent debater. Both his experience at the Oxford Union during his undergraduate days and being Prime Minister for the past five years should give him the edge over his rivals in upcoming leadership […]

Am I a Feminist? I’ll Let You Decide

Ally Fogg firmly believes that it is for women to decide feminism, and that includes what place men should or should not have in the movement.

Home: The Last Word

Jonathan Footerman only has one questions left after circumnavigation the UK on a mini-yacht: What’s Next?

The Case for Going Vegan

Neil Smith chose to go vegan as his way to make a difference in the world. He makes the case for why you should consider it, too.

The Bill, Old Harry and Poole

After sailing round Portland Bill in gusts and swells, Jonathan Footerman settles into his 61st port on his quest to circumnavigate the UK in a mini-yacht.

Plymouth Hoe!

Jonathan Footerman continues his solo circumnavigation of the UK in a mini-yacht, and stops into Plymouth for a bit of history.

Don’t Say It’s Gay

Can a pop singer and the British Parliament change how the word “gay” is used? Will Young hopes so.

Food and Water from Newlyn to Falmouth

Jonathan Footerman continues his circumnavigation of the UK in a mini-yacht, and orders the most difficult Cornish breakfast ever.

Castles in the Welsh Air

Jonathan Footerman continues his journey down the west coast of the UK, on his way completely around it in a mini-yacht, and is enthralled by all things Welsh.

Belfast, Bangor and the Isle of Man

Jonathan Footerman continues his quest to circumnavigate the UK in a mini-yacht, this time swinging over to Ireland, stopping at Isle of Man, before heading back to the ports of the UK.

First Fog, then Gale Force Winds, and Mud. And There Is No Plan B.

Jonathan Footerman is sailing a mini-yacht solo around the UK. It’s him against the elements. Along with the occasional stuck anchor. 

The Sea Is So Great, And My Boat Is So Small

Jonathan Footerman is skippering a 21-foot mini-yacht solo around the UK. And it’s the most dangerous, exhausting and near-disastrous thing he has ever done.

New Study: Men Worry More Than Women About Being Childless

One study participant in his 60s explained, “If you don’t have children or grandchildren then that dimension of your life is missing.”