Finding the Motivation to Change Your Entire Life

motivation to succeed

Leo Babauta has one small set of actions that can help you overcome fears, find motivation, and prioritize your life.

Living Between the Lines of Faith and Uncertainty


Pastor Ryan Bell’s “Year Without God” experiment gained him national attention for simply daring to question out loud.

The Happy Male—a Work in Progress

The Happy Male by Timothy Krause

Show me a happy guy and I’ll show you a man who’s sleeping!

Traveling Down The Unknown Path


Sometimes you just have to make that turn into the unfamiliar. It might surprise you what you’ll find.

20 Red Flags To Watch Out For In Relationships


Jordan Gray says that you can save a lot of time, energy, and heartache by watching out for these common pitfalls.

Thinking About Cheating? Read This First…

Conceptual photo of a marital infidelity

Jordan Gray says that cheating is entirely avoidable, especially if you understand what is actually driving your urges.

Fall Equinox


Using the challenging yet intensely musical ghazal form, Scott Wiggerman takes us inside the mind of a man questioning his relationship.

The Butcher


While this piece from Dwight Gray can be seen as a love poem (of a sort), it’s so much more than that. It’s a meditation on uncertainty and aging, perseverance and emptiness, the ill-defined “edges” of the “marriage bed.”

Why Honest Faith Requires Honest Doubt


How do you deal with doubt in your own spiritual journey?

Why Courage is Better than Confidence

courage photo by alyssafilmmaker

Sebastian Callow hears how confidence makes the man so often it’s become cliché. He’d like to suggest an alternative.

How Men Can Deal With The Fear Of The Unknown

worried man, old man, future, past,

Almost every man worries about what will happen in the future, Stan Popovich provides a list of techniques and suggestions on how to manage this fear of dealing with the unknown.

Are You Man Enough for Therapy?


It takes courage and strength, but it’s worth learning how to benefit from a therapeutic relationship.

Jonathan Fields: Do What You Love


Jonathan Fields is a “dad first”, who just happens to also be an author and serial entrepreneur. Cameron Conaway catches up to him for a chat.

Please Come Back to Me


What to do when the woman you love is just not herself anymore?

I Still Don’t Know What I Want to Be When I Grow Up—and That’s Just Fine

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“The most vexing part of having to cobble together a life without that clear sense of direction is that this nagging feeling is still there.”

Throw the Bums Out Again?

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We get to pick who governs us. If someone’s not doing a good job, just wait until the next election and vote them out. But is this really the way forward?