Climbing the Ladder of Inference with Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli as an example of understanding assumptions and suspending judgement to improve leadership and overall workplace effectiveness.

Sexual Fluidity: Queer, Straight, and Anything Else You’re Feeling

For people whose sexuality is fluid, the situation isn’t that we were confused for a while and then suddenly woke up. It’s that (say it with me now) we once understood ourselves one way, and now we understand ourselves differently.

How to Fill an Empty Heart Back Up After You’ve Failed

Mike Berry shares a tough parenting moment and the heartbreaking lesson he learned from it.

Why No One Understands You, And What You Can Do About it

Give people the information they need, writes Craig Playstead. Otherwise, things can end very badly.

Finding Solace in My Universe

Ray Jennings finds comfort in contemplating the big, unanswerable questions.

Love’s Mysteries Explained … or Not

Cabot O’Callaghan knows everything there is to know about love. Which means he knows he knows nothing.

Better Communication Can Save Your Relationship

Stop assuming you have all the answers and pay attention to non verbal cues. These are just a few of the ways to have better communication in relationships. Harris O’Malley shows us more.

The Pain of the Personal: An Artist’s View

An Indian cartoonist looks to bring change to America, along with a new perspective of the events that occurred during the Arab Spring Uprising.

A New Perspective on Prejudice, Shaming, and Violence

Raoul Wieland examines a range of modern problems through the lens of ‘Lebensraum.’

Conquering Fear With Understanding

Ty Phillips explains how fear flows from ignorance.

8 Things That Make a Man Realize He’s Ready to Settle Down

Every new notch on his belt just means another empty hole.

Mindful Speech (or What You Can Learn About Buddhism from the Mafia)

When Ira Israel heard six words spoken over the telephone line—he paid attention like never before.


When George Hodgman was a boy, he and his mother ended the day holding hands and praying. Not just for themselves, but for all the people in their tiny Missouri town.

How to Be Successful When People “Don’t Get You”

Success should feel natural. Life should feel natural to you. Because you’re the one living it.

Where the Ego Belongs in Your Relationships

How do we encourage others to grow and reach the potential we see in them? We lead the way by accepting their loving words of encouragement.

10 Huge Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

Why breaking any single one of these is enough to keep you single.