Why Being Loved Is Not The Same As Being Understood


Yes, you may be in love with someone, but do you know them? Do you understand them? A writer asks the question.

“I acted like an ass in front of my kids and put them in danger.”

Road Rage

This comment by Jonny on the post To the Ticket Agent as the Delta Counter

What Are You Even Talking About?! How to Better Understand Your Partner

translator, mediation, translation, communication, marriage

Ben Stich shares some mediation techniques to help you learn how to communicate better and resolve conflicts with your spouse.

A Lifetime of Gifts Change Everything

Distant Horizon by Orin J. Hahn

Orin J.Hahn has some advice on gifts this holiday.

Apologies of an Absent Father to His Son

photo by slgckgc

Pete Wilson, with a poem to his teenage son whom he hasn’t seen in years.

Please Think Responsibly

Please Think Photo by digitalbob8

Renner Larson believes that our brains have evolved to perceive the world in a way that is not always fair. Understanding ourselves allows us be more responsible in our thinking.

The Pain of Separation and the Love Within


Poet Brian Bowers on grief and goodbyes, and the way love is woven through them both.

A Look Inside her Mind: 5 Things Women Want you to Know

Good Men Project, Understanding Women, Women, The Way Women Think, Complex Females

Orin Hahn shows why the best way to know what a woman wants is simply to ask her.

The Real ‘One Simple Trick’ to Understanding Her


Christian Clifton has a surefire way for men to better understand women. So why isn’t it more popular?

Father Figuring


Joe Hutcheson doesn’t quite get his dad, and his dad doesn’t quite get him. And that’s okay.

On Suffering (and How to Fit the Entire Human Race into a Single Sugar Cube)


I thought I deserved to suffer, but when I discovered the true purpose of suffering, it was transformational.

6 Things My Gay Friend Taught Me

Lunch Photo by GeishaBoy

Brian Shea meets an old friend for lunch. He leave the restaurant a wiser man.

What Do Today’s Black Men REALLY Think About Marriage?

black hand

Dr. Vibe’s latest podcast explores marriage from the perspective of black men.

You Don’t Really Want Them to Understand

Kid shouting

Kevin Macku examines internet and domestic conflicts from an actor’s perspective, and shows that arguments often run deeper than the surface.

Autism and Teenage Angst

nothing but net photo by ryanvanetten

Teen years bring enough turmoil. Imagine also being severely autistic.

“It’s not just porn, kids also see adult material easily through movie trailers, video games, TV channels, etc.”


Do you think the accessibility of sexual images is causing damage to the sexual health of the upcoming generation? Or do you think that it’s just a natural effect of living in a more liberated society? How did sexual images affect YOUR childhood?