Is Everything Really Worth Knowing?

Are there times when a man’s ignorance is acceptable, or even necessary?

Do You Trust Sex With Strangers?

Listen to your instinct, that’s where trust starts

Let’s Talk About Ageism

When we allow ageist misconceptions and stereotypes to set the tone of cross-generational communication, we give prejudice a microphone.

Living in Silence and Withholding a Diagnosis

What truly tests a man’s integrity? Author Steve Colori reflects on the moment he revealed his diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder to his friends.

Loving Cats Says Something About Your Humanity

If your special man has an appreciation for cats then you may have just found “the one.”

My Husband is German, I’m Polish, and We Live in the Netherlands

Can intercultural relationships survive?

Depression: Wearing Different Faces

When depression strikes, we can’t just snap out of it. So instead, we wear different (fake) faces.

For the Love of Balls

Believe it or not, there IS a secret to life. And it involves balls.

The Man Might Kill Me, Could a Plate of Potatoes Save My Life?

Can conflict be diffused by cultivating awareness of survival based fear?

The Pain of Separation and the Love Within

Poet Brian Bowers on grief and goodbyes, and the way love is woven through them both.

Speaking of Anger: The Difference Between Being Angry and Feeling Angry

Toss your tired Angry Guy lines aside, and practice the lines of the man who experiences a feeling called anger.

How to Live A Simple Mindful Life

Hint: It has something to do with being very curious about everything.

7 Tips on How to Talk to Your Kids About Bullying

No one should ever have to deal with bullying alone. Here are a few tips on how to talk to your children who might be dealing with bullies.

The Reflection of Perception: Kindness, Disability and Image

When does perception take more than sight and intellect? Erin Kelly offers a different perspective on one man’s act of kindness towards a mother and her disabled daughter.

The Disposability of Men: How Disability Can Harm Masculinity

What does it take to accept a man as a man? Erin Kelly examines the dangers of stereotyping men with disabilities.

The One Thing To Remember When You’re Dealing With Any Person, Ever

Jordan Gray says that this one realization is the golden ticket to effectively interacting with anyone in your life.