Hard Evidence: Are Young People’s Job Prospects Improving?

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Recessions always hit young people hard.

Why Are Millennials More Liberal And Less Trusting?


Millennial attitudes toward trust reflect the right wing’s teaching every-man-for-himself ideology

“That’s why the recent budget deal that cut military benefits by $6B is a problem, don’t ya think?”

Homeless Veterans

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“Here’s a number to think about: 400,000,000,000. That’s roughly how many dollars U.s. Americans spent on the Christmas Holiday last year.”

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North Carolina’s Unemployment Experiment


North Carolina’s cuts to unemployment show that ending unemployment does not cause people to go get jobs.

A Lifeline Just Ran Out For 1.3 Million Unemployed People in the US


Unemployment benefits expired on Saturday for those who have been out of work for six months or more.

Is Your Man Redundant or Abundant?


Duncan Alldridge reflects on the tendency of men to fall back on laziness and abandon their potential abundance of their work when they are without a sense of purpose.

Will 2014 Be The Year Of The Minimum Wage?


All signs point to the minimum wage being a major issue in 2014.

Inside the Belly

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As John Oliver watches the economy take its toll on small and mid-size businesses, he is heartened by the ethics and values of those around him.

How to Improve Your Marriage without Talking about it

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Rabbi Slatkin explores ways to make your marriage better without having a conversation

No, the Unemployment Crisis is Not Gone


Two recent stories about Walmart highlight how big our nation’s unemployment problem remains.

The World is On Fire


Jeremy Gross lost his job and found a new land within himself.

Is the Economy Killing Our Men? 5 Things We Must Do Now


The economic recession has hit men particularly hard, and it’s causing some severe effects on their health. Jed Diamond tells us how we can help.

Outsourcing: A Fancy Word For “You’re Fired.”


Go on, outsource. Just don’t be an outsourcer.

New Study: More American Adults on Minimum Wage than Teenagers

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88 percent of minimum wage workers are above the age of 20. A third are at least 40 years old.

25 Ways Moving Is as Stressful as Death


The “Love, Recorded” Guide to Staying Sane (and Married) While Moving, in 25 Points.