Music and the State of the Union

There are many hard realities in the music business today which are stifling to creativity and the future of music.

Justin Timberlake: Responsible Employer

JT negotiates union contract for his backup dancers.

Where Labor Day Comes From

What does “labor” even mean in America any more?

Paid by the Penny: When Disabled Workers’ Rights are Compromised

We must not forget the disabled when we talk about worker rights.

Walmart VP’s Brazen Attitude Toward Unionizing

David Tovar’s recent comments, more than anything, are a symbol of the times for working families.

Shut Up and Sing: Let’s Talk Bob Costas and Make Some College Bowl Predictions

Bob Costas’ recent stance in favor of gun control has drawn the ire of many. Jim Jividen examines why his remarks about performance-enhancing drugs didn’t provoke a similar response.

What It’s Like to Work in Walmart Hell

Thanks to recent teacher layoffs and the miserable job market, John Olympic has gone from substitute high-school teacher to Walmart associate.

I’m Sorry I’m a Teacher

Alan Haskvitz, a teacher for 45 years, honestly didn’t mean to place so many states in danger of going bankrupt. He just wanted a secure retirement plan.