2015 International Men’s Day


Make a difference for Men and Boys

The Last Taboo—Is It More Acceptable to Have an STD Than Depression?


Limpet Girl asks why we don’t talk about the mental health issues affecting men—those who are least likely to seek help and most likely to need it.

Scottish Independence 718 years post William Wallace’s Revolt?

Gibson Braveheart

Centuries after defeat, Scotland might just get its independence back. Following a democratic process and battle of ideas and principles, it is a model for all to follow.

How Silence Led To 1400 Children Being Sexually Abused

abuse victim head bowed

The authorities and staff entrusted to protect vulnerable people were too scared to do so. Andrew Lawes wants to help you speak out against abuse

Good Men Are More Than a Test Score

GPA, grades, testing

Men should be intellectual, but intellectualism should not be limited to a GPA or letter grade.

There are Fewer than 100 Black Professors in Britain – Why?


Also, in Britain there is not a single institution that has a degree programme in Black British studies.

Plain Sailing to Pain in West Bay

Brixham marina, Elektra bottom left

Nearing the end of his solo sailing journey around the UK in a mini-yacht, Jonathan Footerman is temporarily felled by fatigue, lack of stamina and an injury while battling a storm.

I Love Being British

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 5.26.49 PM.jpg

Funny girl Emily Hartridge lists 10 Reasons why it’s great to be British

New Study: Men Worry More Than Women About Being Childless


One study participant in his 60s explained, “If you don’t have children or grandchildren then that dimension of your life is missing.”

The Mystery of the Disappearing Boys


John Edale noticed a phenomenon in the UK: boys were “missing” from universities. Below, he explores some or the root causes of the issue and proposes solutions to put a halt to the cycle.

The Way We Talk About Poverty


Are we being tough on people in poverty and not looking closely enough at its causes?

Helping Detroit, One Glass of Lemonade at a Time

lemonade stand (550x415) (450x340)

Joshua Smith wants to help his city get out of debt.

U.K. Burger King Admits to Horse Meat in Burgers

burger king (588x386)

Burger King VP Diego Beamonte said, “We are deeply troubled by the findings of our investigation and apologize to our guests, who trust us to source only the highest quality 100% beef burgers.”

British Government Makes Major Concession to Free Speech


Police can no longer arrest citizens for “insulting” words.

Canadian Ad Campaign Helps Clarify Consent

2541987300_7cf0e2543a_b (588x281)

If a person is incapable of saying no to sex, does that mean the answer is yes?

My United Kingdom for a Plunger


Lewis Lee describes the difficulties he faced when trying to acquire a normal-sized plunger in the UK.