Affirmative Action Case Sent Back to Lower Court by SCOTUS

The Supreme Court has made its ruling: they won’t consider the case until the lower court has done its job properly.

It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose, It’s Whether You Win: High Stakes in College Football Coaching

Can you alma mater afford to fire its head football coach if he fails to win a national title? Can it afford not to?

Show Me the Money

Andy Bodle believes he’s uncovered the real cause of the gender pay gap.

Our Porn, Ourselves

Charlie Glickman maps the sexist anti-porn arguments of radical feminist Robert Jensen.

We Don’t Want to Play Anymore

David Olimpio wanted to be a spy when he grew up. Now he’s glad he left violent games in boyhood, and worries about the men who did not.

USA Swim Team Calls for Investigation of Coach for Sex Abuse

USA Swimming coach Rick Curl took a leave of absence Wednesday from the renown Curl-Burke Swim Club after being accused of sexually abusing a 13 year old girl.

National Glory: Division I Sports and the Olympic Games

Athletic competition was never a spiritually innocent pursuit. College football is no exception.

Motorcycles Empower Vietnam’s Women

Cameron Conaway endures jeers and glares as he tours Saigon on the back of a motorcycle driven by a female tour guide.