Consenting Adults: Gender, Power, and Reading Each Other Correctly

How do we know what we want, and what we want others to know we want? Babble of the Sexes helps us translate the mixed messages we send each other.

Oh, Unrequited Love

Sami Jankins discusses how to move on from someone who doesn’t return the feelings you have for them.

100 Words on Love: I Give Up

I’m not supposed to love you, but I do.

100 Words on Love: Time to Touch

We’ve talked long enough.

When the Feeling Isn’t Mutual: How it Feels to be in an Unrequited Attraction

Unrequited love is unavoidable. But just because we experience pain, it doesn’t mean we need to hide our hearts.

The Pain of Being in Love With Someone You Can Never Be With

It might have been beautiful, but it will never amount to anything more than what it is. Paul Hudson explains.

A Civilized Christmas

In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” the baby falls in love, unrequited, and Matt ponders the socialization element of the holidays.

100 Words on Love: “That’s So Sweet”


100 Words on Love: Unrequited

Not getting our way with someone is as important to the narrative of our lives as the outcome we so ardently desire.

Organized Chaos

Laura Lewis, with a prose poem about “a bleeding heart trying to stitch it up before numb sets in.”

“Bemoaning the ‘friend zone’ means you had a romantic interest in someone who doesn’t feel the same, and that hurts.”

These are comments by Bay Area Guy, dlz, and Jack on the post “The Friend Zone (or, How “Jerks” Are Made)”.

There’s a Lot to Learn From ‘Love, Actually’

Doctor NerdLove surprises even himself in recommending the Christmas romantic comedy “Love, Actually” as a source for dating and relationship advice.


“The bus was a support group on wheels. Kurt’s idea. Every huge life event should be marked with a party and cake. Especially divorce.” By Nathan Tavares

Saw Him Saw Him

This guy we’re talking about said to another guy that he went to the gym because he didn’t go to church.  That was his excuse for spending so much time around elliptical machines, stairsteppers, barbells, dumbbells, and squat racks.  But that was just his excuse and I’m sure the real reason was something else.  I […]