Republicans Continue to Orchestrate Disaster for U.S. Postal Service

Post Office NNECAPA 2013_08_06

USPS provides essential services despite manufactured obstacles; delivery innovation and cost-savings being blocked by ulterior motives.

Boy Scouts of America: The Good, the Bad, and the (Still) Highly Discriminatory


“Without justice, there can be no peace.” —Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Capital One Bowl Week: 18 Things I Learned

Capital One Bowl Football.JPEG-022ed

Or, eighteen of the things I learned while watching Capital One’s Bowl Week on ESPN over the holidays.

60 Reasons to be Proud in 2012

best sixty

Coming out in Hollywood in 2012 became a casual affair. Gone were the days of the “I’m Gay” cover photo.

Career Changers

changing careers

Suicidal thoughts. Spiraling disinterest. If you’ve ever had a job you hated, you know the feeling. These four guys told their bosses what they could do with their crappy gigs and followed their dreams.

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