This is How Stupid You Look When You Stereotype People

One woman assumes Louis CK is going to co-sign her bigotry… but she doesn’t know he’s actually Mexican.

“I Have a Voice” – This Mural Painted By Young People Will Take Your Breath Away

Gorgeous work by hopeful young artists adds images from the community to brighten its streets.

If You Could Stop Just One Person From Picking Up a Gun… Sing Sing Inmates Are Trying

It’s not “Scared Straight” – it’s straight talk, man to man, about how you go from feeling the power of a gun to being the worst thing that ever happened to an innocent family.

Yes, America is Ready For More LGBT Families in Commercials! #TurnTheTide

This cute Tide commercial featuring a gay couple was pulled in the USA.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Coolest Guy Ever, Answers 1st Grader’s Very Important Question

Parents may not love this advice, but Dr. deGrasse Tyson hits the nail on the head on how little kids can change the world.

Stuff Straight Guys Say to Gay Guys…and Probably Shouldn’t

This funny video reminds us that our curiosity isn’t more important than people’s right to privacy!

Guys, Are You Being Tricked Into Buying Gendered Products?

Are gendered products dividing us to take more of our money, or tailoring products to fit a market need?

The Path of the Noble Man

Charity is not giving what you have to spare, but giving what you need to someone who needs it more.

A Girl Is Threatened In A Rap Battle, And So The Judge Steps In To Deliver His Own Verse

A battle rap video turned ugly. And then, someone stepped in and made it inspiring.

A 13-Year-Old Explains Marriage Equality…at His Bar Mitzvah

During his Bar Mitzvah, this young man teaches a lesson about love that many people would like to ignore.

THE END IS NIGH: 13 Reasons Why Click-Bait Headlines Will Lead to the Apocalypse

If Andy Rooney were alive today, he’d spend “a few minutes” complaining about click-bait.

Who Speaks For The Working Man (and Woman)?

Video: What would you do if two men in your trolley car stood up and started rapping?

Let’s Talk About What Really Goes on in the Locker Room

One group is shining a light on the culture of “casual homophobia” in pro sports with a simple message: “This needs to stop. Now.”

This Awesome Sex-Ed Talk Will Leave You Laughing (and Informed)

This guy’s sex talk is different than anything you heard in SexEd, and covers every important point in only six minutes. Plus… it’s funny!

The Most Star-Crossed of Lovers – ‘Poem Postmarked For the Middle East’

“Our Bodies intertwined like messages in Torah and Quran.
Beneath the starry splatter paint masterpiece of God”

How Churchill “Handled” a Potential Gay Scandal

JJ Vincent loves quotes attributed to Winston Churchill. This may be the best yet.