7 Important Ways the U.S. Army Made Me a Better Dad and Husband

The U.S. Army developed me to be a leader domestic and abroad; I also learned to lead in my home.

Thoughts and Prayers to Fort Hood, From a Fellow Soldier

Matt Crowder, a proud member of the U. S. Army, sends his thoughts and prayers to the victims, survivors and loved ones affected by the Fort Hood shooting.

“That’s why the recent budget deal that cut military benefits by $6B is a problem, don’t ya think?”

This comment by Tom Brechlin on the post From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless

From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless

After serving his country, Col. Robert Freniere finds himself homeless. Unfortunately, his story is far from unique.

A Son Lost in Iraq, But Where is the Casualty Report?

Nine years later, Jim Butler is still waiting for a report he may never get.

Oldest Living WWII Veteran Reflects on the Four Years He Spent in the South Pacific

Even at 107 years old, the memories of war are still sharp.

Sergeants’ Initiation

Newly minted sergeants under surprise attack in Vietnam must act on their own authority for survival.

From Dork to Combat Killer in 14 Weeks

Matt Crowder looks back at the moment he knew he had to join the U.S. Military—the morning of September 11, 2001—and how that has turned him into the man he is today.

The Paratrooper and the 47 Percent

Seth Brady Tucker explains how a life of leisure in the Army’s 82nd Airborne, the slacker’s pursuit of a PhD, and useless career as a teacher landed him in the 47%. Please note sarcasm.

Ft. Hood Shooting Suspect May Be Forced to Shave His Beard

The man suspected of killing 13 people in an anti-American rampage at Fort Hood Army Base has been warned that if he doesn’t shave his beard, he will be forcibly shaved. Is this constitutional?

I Am Not A Real Man, According to Ice-T

Jamie Reidy reveals that he is only 40% of a real man according to Ice Tea’s description of what men like.

Bid on Motorcycles, Help Families of Wounded & Fallen Special Ops Forces

The Good Feed Blog editors share information regarding a very special fundraiser for the New England Warrior Benefit.

Top 5 Beers on Tap

Jamie Reidy ranks his Top 5 beers on tap, a.k.a. draft, a.k.a. draught.

Got Spellcheck? Romney App Misspells America

Jamie Reidy comments on his own spelling woes following the Romney App’s “Amercia” blunder.

Atta Boy, Arthur! Obese Army Vet Inspires Millions

Jamie Reidy applauds Gulf War veteran Arthur Boorman for losing 140-pounds in ten months through dedication to yoga.

Soldier to Latino Troops: “Take That Warrior Mask Off and if You Need It, Get Help”

“I tell my Hispanic brothers that are still serving, don’t let pride get in the way,” Martinez said. “Pride’s going to kill you. Take that warrior mask off and if you need to, get help. Get it in the beginning stages, and not later.”