Leaked Photo From The Straight White Guy Festival


A group of predominately straight white guys gathers to contemplate the unique perils of 21st century America.

Senator Spends Vacation Day With Homeless Man to Learn About the Challenges He Faces


While many Americans were watching sports or relaxing with family, Senator Chris Murphy was learning first-hand what it’s like to live without a home.

In All of American History Only Four African Americans Have Ever Been Elected to the U.S. Senate

cory booker-ap-file2

Senator-elect Cory Booker is the fourth

The Cheneys Ride Again!


Liz Cheney’s run for senate is all about style over substance.

Senate Committee Passes Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA)

gay rights1

Count this as a win for gay rights, ENDA will now move on to the full Senate.

Senate Votes to Allow Debate on Gun Control Bill

gun control

The bipartisan gun control bill passed its first hurdle, but the fight is just beginning.