Online Learning Pioneer Slams Ban on Iranian, Cuban, Sudanese Students

EdX founder hits back at US state department for blocking certain countries from the platform’s courses.

State Department Warns Americans: Get Out of Yemen ASAP

There are even more reasons for the increased concerns for the security of Americans abroad.

Interpol Issues Global Security Alert

The international policing agency is urging countries around the world to show “increased vigilance,” following prison breakouts over the past month in nine countries, including Iraq, Libya and Pakistan.

“El Chapo” Guzman Named Chicago’s Public Enemy Number One

As far as authorities know El Chapo has never even been to Chicago, but he is still considered the most dangerous man in the city.

We All Contribute to Modern-Day Slavery

The take-home lesson from Human Trafficking Awareness Month is that we are all part of the problem and the solution.

U.S. Marine Released From Mexican Prison

After 5 months of being held for bringing what Mexican authorities called a ‘forbidden weapon’ across the border, Jon Hammar has finally been reunited with his family.