GMP Sports’ Sweet Sixteen Preview for The East and South Regions: Who Duke You Love?


We’ve already discussed the West and Midwest region, now we head East and South. Who to root for? Who to root against? In Part 2 of Good Men Project’s Sweet 16 Preview, Wai Sallas gives you a few things to think about.

Adorable Family Supports Adorable Gay Son in Ad For Utah Marriage Equality

APTOPIX Gay Marriage Utah Protests

We get more confused every moment at the conservative pushback against marriage equality, but hopefully ads like this can change things in the states where the fight still rages on. 

A Compassionate Approach to Homelessness

homeless photo by jim fischer

It’s possible to provide a handout that is also a hand up writes Chris Hicke. And Utah is showing how.

Federal Government Will Recognize Utah’s Same-Sex Marriages Even Though Utah Won’t

utah-gay-marriage-ap-Kim Raff

Though Utah does not currently recognize the 1,300+ same-sex marriages performed there over the past month, the federal government does.

45 Moving Moments From the First Days of Marriage Equality in Utah


After a judge struck down the state’s ban on equal marriage rights for same-sex couples Dec. 20, thousands rushed to get married across Utah, while the state’s governor continued his fight to halt the marriages in court.

Stay Denied: Tenth Circuit Allows Utah Same-Sex Marriages to Continue

Gay-Marriage-Utah-AP-Kim Raff

With little explanation, the decision by the Tenth Circuit Court concluded that a stay was not warranted.

Utah County Adopts Jim Crow Tactic, Preventing Same-Sex Couples From Marrying


Though the county has not explicitly stated that it closed the office in an act of massive resistance to a recent federal court decision calling for marriage equality in Utah, the county attorney’s office released a statement linking the closure to that decision: “Given the status of the pending motion for a stay and the appeal that will be filed by the state of Utah, the Clerk’s Office will be closed until further notice.”

Federal Court in Utah Says Marriage Equality is Required by the Constitution


Federal Judge Robert Shelby said, “Rather than protecting or supporting the families of opposite-sex couples, [Utah’s] Amendment 3 perpetuates inequality by holding that the families and relationships of same-sex couples are not now, nor ever will be, worthy of recognition.”

Lessons From My Nephew’s First College Football Game

nepher taught me about sports jpg by author

John Kinnear’s nephew reminds him of what he used to know about spectator sports.

Don’t Hand Matt Labrum ‘Coach of the Year’ Just Yet


Liam Day understands the feel good nature of the story of Union High School’s coach Matt Labrum suspending his students, but is it just a quick fix with no real impact?

Dustin Went to Home Depot for Lights. Instead, He Got a Proposal.

Somebody Loves You lip dub, home depot proposal, surprise proposal, mariage equality,

Just when you think you’re off to buy lights with your roommate… a surprise proposal awaits. (VIDEO)

Officials in Utah Deny That Marriage Inequality is Discrimination

gay marriage (500x374) (450x337)

Utah Officials have responded to a lawsuit which challenges the state’s ban on same-sex marriage “by denying that it even discriminates against the gay community.”

Army Sergeant Dad, Terry Achane, Reunited With Daughter That Wife Gave Up for Adoption Without Consent

terry-achane (500x368) (488x359)

United States Army Drill Sergeant Terry Achane, the father whose wife put up their baby for adoption without his knowledge or approval, has his daughter back.

Lost in the Wilderness


Destinations are the goal, but often getting lost is what the journey is all about.

“I knew my wife was the one the first time she showed me that she had my back.”


These are comments by Bruce and Paul Kidwell on the post “She’s the One”.

Sandusky, The Death Penalty and Goodness


Dr. Brian Stout responds to calls for the death penalty for child sexual offenders, and encourages us, as a society, to hold on our goodness in the face of such evil.