Wedded Bliss and Vacation Compatibility

chairs on the beach

A wedding gift she didn’t expect — a husband whose ideal vacation was a perfect match for her own.

Aria for a Lost Weekend (The Carmen Dilemma)


Bob Varettoni had a weekend at home alone. The problem? What to do with his time.

5 Reasons Why Taking a Vacation is Good for Your Health


Need a little push to book that next vacation? Apparently, you’ve got science on your side. So get packing!

Stivers Cartoons: The Grace and Grandeur of the Selfie


©Mark Stivers /

How We Almost Died 5 Times in a Row in the Most Jumanji Way Possible


Dustin Timbrook and his friends may never go canoeing in Hawaii again. After you read this, you won’t, either.

More Employees Would Rather Have a Hangover Than Talk to Their Boss

hangover work

94% of employees agree that empathy improves leader successfulness.

Sending Love to My Son Via My Cartoons


Mark Greene sent his son cartoons while they were apart. And yes, there was a number of fart jokes.

Aruba: What’s Your Happy Place?

Aruba hike

What’s your happy place? Mine is a beach with white sand, turquoise waters and lots of water sports. Aruba offers all of these and more.

Cross Country Training: A Train Ride Across America With My Son


Marco Greenberg and his son travel by train across America. Time gets conveniently suspended while they roll through geography, history and place.

Erotica Titles For Hot Vacation Reading


Want to add some sizzle to your summer trips? Check out this list to heat up your vacation reading.

Happily Ever After Happens Every Day, or How I Learned to Love the Disney Sparkle


Disney’s Magic Kingdom wasn’t Christopher Bundy’s first choice destination for a family vacation.

Street Kid Play Date


The son of world travelers meets the children of the streets.

The Long Journey Home Has Started


As Atalwin Pilon nears the farthest point from home, he realizes he will return to different circumstances.

Why Smoking Is Banned on Airplanes


A tale of chivalry and danger from the days when airline travelers could smoke on commercial flights.

The Grasshopper Life


To his old girlfriends, Robert Barsanti’s father would always be Romeo. But for Robert, Benito was Lear.

It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp


William Lucas Walker was offered a free Club Med vacation… would you say no to that?