Nica Cornell writes boldly on genitalia and the human beings attached to them, expertly engaging both the private and the planetary.

Talking to Your Kids About Nuts


One father’s conversation with his daughter about genitalia is educational for both.

Dudes, You Started Out As Girls. Fun Video Explains How!


Find out in a minute and a half about how we all start out as female with this awesome science video.

“When men worry about ‘man cards’ they fear losing their identity and spot in society.”


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Laugh Along with Our Favorite 2012 Videos from Jon Stewart


Giggle along with the 10 best videos from our favorite Daily Show comedian.

I F—-d a Girl and I Think I Didn’t Like It


Everyone’s tastes are different.

“I don’t believe in intelligent design, but the clitoris makes me have second thoughts.”


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“Love does not mean: ‘Your partner magically knows how to please you.'”


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“Heterosexual sex and the balance of power between the sexes outside the bedroom are inextricably linked.”

couple vacationing in the Riviera Maya

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The Most Offensive Word in Michigan: Vagina


Eric Henney examines what’s truly behind the barring of a Michigan legislator for using the word “vagina” on the legislature floor.

The Birds and The Bees and The Filthy, Filthy Bird-on-Bee Sex That Ensued


Like Adam and Steve before him, Jeremy Feist had been presented his own personal paradise, and he abandoned it in search of the knowledge of where babies come from.

Childbirth, C-Sections and the Violence of Creation


Christian Piatt talks about witnessing the birth of his son, and how while it’s miraculous, it’s also violent.

Ultrasound Bill: Politician’s Wife Votes with Her Vagina

Screen shot 2012-02-25 at 11.07.21 AM

Jamie Reidy riffs on a Virginia lawmaker’s wife’s using sex as a political weapon to protest the Republican transvaginal ultrasound bill.

Riding in PopPop’s Vulva


Joanna Schroeder teaches her sons about sex, and ponders the merit of words like “vajayjay” and “hoo-hah.”

The Unnamed Genitals Have a Name: Vulva


Marcus Williams wishes our earliest sexual vocabulary acknowledged that boys and girls both have interesting parts, not just a penis and the place where penises want to go.

What’s in a Name: Vaginas, Clitorises, and Bravery


Maria Pawlowska asks how we can seriously discuss sex, gender, or equality when we can’t even say “vagina” aloud.