Stop Assuming Guys Hate Valentine’s Day

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This is barely even a holiday. What is there to hate?

How a Floral Deliveryman, Exhausted From a Mother’s Day Marathon, Found The Last Stop Truly Saved As Best

Mother's Day, roses, flowers

The screen door lock snapped and the girl and her little brother—I figured he was three years old—came out. The girl was holding a large glass jar in her arms.

The Day My Love for My Daughter Became Real

The Day My Love for My Daughter Became Real

Tom Burns remembers the exact moment he started loving his daughter as a person rather than as an ideal

The Good Men Project Celebrates First Love: A Special Section


The Good Men Project is proud to change the stereotypes about men and love with our special section in honor of Valentine’s Day 2014.

Mick Jagger Taught Me To Love

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She was 13 years-old when the sight of Mick Jagger first made Alyssa Royse tingle. And she’s been chasing the tingle ever since.

Are You About to Ruin Valentine’s Day?

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Simple do’s and don’ts for a sexy and connected Valentine’s Day

What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Love?

What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Love

If you’ve been afraid to date or unhappy with your love life, ask yourself, “What story have I been telling myself?”

How to Truly Love Your Man on Valentine’s Day: Let Him Be Himself


Vironika Tugaleva shares the secret to loving your partner beyond ideas of what happily in-love should look like.

100 Words on Love: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Valentine’s Day

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Love is just us.

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Want a memorable Valentine's Day? Build a treasure hunt.

Fouad Alaa explains how to make a truly memorable gift – a treasure hunt – for your Valentine.

The “Perfect Man” Joke… Again


To nobody’s surprise, it’s not funny this time either. Why do we let it pass?

I Think Love Stories Suck


This Valentine’s Day I am wishing a pox on these endless romantic tropes.

Proposing This Valentine’s Day? Drew Seeley Has 5 Tips

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What goes into a great proposal? Caleb Bacons sits down with recently-engaged Drew Seeley for some pro tips.

Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

You don't need solid gold to say, "I love you."

Fouad Alaa has your guide how to choosing the perfect V-day (or any day) gift.

6 Tips to Avoid Valentine’s Day Traps

valentine's day, valentine's traps, valentine, marriage

Darlene Lancer shares her solutions to some of the most common traps we fall into on Valentine’s Day.

15 Things I Love About You

Valentine's Day, Chocolates, Marriage, love, relationships, sharing

Looking for something better than chocolates and roses to give your partner for Valentine’s Day? Jennifer Gunsaullus has an idea for you.