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He ran a busy practice, was kind to everyone he met, and taught his children important values to live b

The Night My Dad Became My Hero

His actions taught me how to stand up for what is right.

How to Avoid the Anguish of Being a Misfit

Sue Funkhouser explains how to take charge of assessing your own cultural fit at work.

It’s Almost Like We Don’t Matter

Preventative maintenance has fallen through the cracks.

The 6 Rules of Life: How Men Can Live and Love Fully

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In Fact, Someone Does Believe in the Song ‘Imagine’

In the “Conversation No One is Having”, GMP Editor Rob Watson takes on Editor Jeremy McKeen’s assertion that “no one believes in the song “Imagine.” Rob found someone.

Inside the Wall of Stereotypes: Listening to the Voice of the Disabled

How can the collective voice of the disabled break down society’s wall of stereotypes? Erin Kelly offers a few thoughts.

Lions Gate Entertainment’s Blunder is Disney’s Bounty

Why do some Hollywood studios insist systemically on racism and discrimination when inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism are more profitable?

Comment of the Day: There seems to be an enormous number of truly odd ‘rules’ people have to live by

This comment was by Elle on the post I’m a Man With a Theatre Degree and I Take Baths by Steve Nazarian

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You’ve gone through a transition. Life feels so complicated. It is time to get down to basic values, and simplify your life. Here’s how.

Are You a Man Who Has Virtues and Values Confused?

What’s the difference between virtues and values, what do we prioritize as important, and what does that say about us.

How are you teaching your son to be a “Good Man?”

Call for Submissions – Share your parenting tips!

Beware of the Viking-or-Victim Worldview

The law (as practiced) is all about winning and not about the truth.

Teach Your Children the Meaning of Value While They’re Young

Learned values early on will benefit teens in the workplace and in life.

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Daniel Dowling had a friend whose influence became toxic. Here’s what he wrote when he had to say goodbye.

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