Beware of the Viking-or-Victim Worldview

The law (as practiced) is all about winning and not about the truth.

Teach Your Children the Meaning of Value While They’re Young

Learned values early on will benefit teens in the workplace and in life.

Now This is the Graceful Way to End a Toxic Friendship

Daniel Dowling had a friend whose influence became toxic. Here’s what he wrote when he had to say goodbye.

Why I Decided to Skip Work to Take a Walk

It took a wake up call and an (almost) missed opportunity to refocus Mike Berry on his real priorities.

You can’t win ’em all… if you want your kids to win well

DiaryDad can’t win ’em all. I love playing chess. It is fun solving a puzzle that reacts to each move you make. You have to consider at each move what it could mean three or four moves later.  Just because you can take a piece doesn’t mean you should and just because you like a […]

I’m Teaching My Kids to Swear

DiaryDad is teaching his kids to swear like the “best” of ’em. I have given up on watching my language around my kids.  I don’t let them swear though and I have no problem with the double standard either.  I have friends on both sides of the fence on this issue. Some are very careful […]

The MLK Song All Our Sons Need to Sing Today

Having kids understand the significance of Martin Luther King is a desire of many parents. Here is a great song that helps that endeavor. Teach it to your sons today.

Some Men Are Childless, Happy And Not Ashamed To Admit It

Dr. Elwood Watson doesn’t have kids, doesn’t want them and does not care what your opinion is on the matter.

Why Are You Teaching About God…You Are An Atheist!

DiaryDad teaches his kids about God in their Sunday school class, funny thing is… He is an atheist. — Most Sundays for the past 2 years you would find me in the a place that should be the last place you would look for me, in a church.  Recently, more than just in a church, as […]

4 Ways Women Reinforce the Man Box and How to Destroy its Presence in Your Relationship Permanently

Women, tackle these four points and rid your relationship (and your guy) of the man box forever! Men, did we get it right?

Task 1: A New Year And A New Beginning

A good man is always a beginner. Martial (c. 40–c.104)

Your Gift, Your Choice … for the Holidays

For the holidays, Thomas Fiffer offers a brief meditation on the meaning of gifts.

The Best Holiday Gifts Don’t Cost Any Money

Jay Forte shares five generous—and free—gifts you can give for the holidays.

How to Help Your Family Manage Their Holiday Expectations

Jay Forte helps restore the spirit of family togetherness to the holidays.

Porn Addiction: Too Many Men Are Affected By Its Often Merciless Grip

Dr. Elwood Watson believes that porn addiction is a problem of access and denial.

Employee Engagement—We are Doing it all Wrong …

Want your employees to be engaged? Then make sure they feel happy and invested.