A Dysfunctional America

America, this is our time. This can be our finest hour. This is a call to unite, regardless of race, political ideology, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

What We Can Learn About the Value of Life From the Paris Attacks

“What we must decide is how we are valuable, rather than how valuable we are.” Edgar Friedenberg

5 Lessons I Learned from My Dad and One I Wish I Hadn’t

Billy Moyer is following his dad, author and speaker Bill Moyer, in making a mark on the world. Here are his thoughts on lessons learned.

Why Being a Man Means I’m Part of the Problem

Just by my maleness, it’s sensible to assume that I might be dangerous, and I can’t diffuse that.

An Introduction to Spiritual Leadership

Kieran Revell reminds us that true spiritual leadership encompasses vision, trust, respect, integrity, understanding, responsibility, compassion, and generosity.

See Jane Ask for a Separation. Guess Who’s Not Leaving?

Despite his optimism, John gets blindsided by Jane’s request to separate. Now he is confused more than ever about what to do next. What would you do?

Dear Son, Where Did We Go Right?

Proud parents look back to realize there were 7 core values that helped their son become the man he is today.

How a Dad and a Mom Invented a New Toy Idea to Help Inspire Their Boys to Grow Into Good Men

Crissi and Ed were concerned about the hero toys available to their sons, which were not heroic at all. They decided to make their own. Here is what they developed.

A Dad Declares “I am Proud to be a Dork”

John Pearson has examined his evolvement and his various “selves” past and present. He has determined that he is proud to be “a dork”. Here is why.

5 Key Actions To Lead A Business Culture

Matt Auron discusses 5 key principals leaders should use to shape their culture.

What to Do When Your Daughter Wants to Do Porn

A dad’s 19-year-old daughter wants to be a porn star. Does he honor her choice or intervene?

A Dad Sees Through the Three Myths of Manhood and Finds Out What is Truly Important

Ethan Ruzzano has encountered three myths regarding what is supposed to be important. In rejecting them, he discovered the biggest value of all.

4 Simple Words That Will Supercharge Your Work Life

Reach for the stars—and grab them—with Thomas Fiffer’s four-word mantra.

Healthy Relationship Habits Guys Can Practice for Lasting Love

Daniel Dowling wants your relationship to be everything you want it to be. And he’s got some advice to help you make that happen.

A Dad Remembers the Day His Parents Put Their Foot Down and Now He’s Glad

Brian Anderson had different values when he was a teen wanting to buy a certain CD. Now he is glad his parents said no and looks at the ideals he might have embraced.

The Quiet but True Heroism of a Strong Role Model That Is You

Superheroes are iconic. But there’s another kind of heroism that’s far less talked about.