A Dad Sees Through the Three Myths of Manhood and Finds Out What is Truly Important


Ethan Ruzzano has encountered three myths regarding what is supposed to be important. In rejecting them, he discovered the biggest value of all.

In Praise of Vanity


People see vanity as a flaw in others. Should we?

“Is That Sheep Placenta I Smell?”: Remembering the Scents of My Grandfather

"Is That Sheep Placenta I Smell?": Remembering the Scents of My Grandfather

Writer Ian Stansel makes peace with the profoundly terrible stench of his grandfather.

7 Reasons Older Women Love Older Men

7 older women

Losing a little here and gaining a little there? We all are, and Sim Carter likes it.

Coach Says He Won’t Recruit Players Who Take Selfies

Scott Cross, University of Texas-Arlington, Twitter, Selfies

Coach Scott Cross of the University of Texas-Arlington’s men’s basketball team tweeted last night that he is not interested in recruiting players to his program who take selfies.

Men Don’t Need To Justify Their Beard Implants


If beard implants, or any other procedure of vanity or masculinity, make a man feel better about himself, who are we to judge? Athena G. Csuti explains.

7 Reasons Older Men Love Older Women

7 reasons older men

Please don’t rinse away your gray and Botox your smile lines. They look great on you.

Soul Bites: The Truth Behind the Peacock

peacock behind

Pope Francis with a simple lesson on vanity.

Selfie’s Choice as Word of the Year a Total Flombagel


A brief history of the selfie.

A Vain Guy Walks Into a Bar…

vain guy walks into bar

Looking good doesn’t matter when you can’t actually look at anything.

What Bono Learned as his Father Died

What Bono Learned as His Father Died

In Blank on Blank, the new video series from Public Radio Exchange, one the world’s biggest rock stars dissects the notion of a dignified death

On Turning 40


Have the Baby Boomers ruined aging for the rest of us?

Pissing My Pants: Betraying My Manliness at the Sight of Needles


Jamie Reidy’s fear of needles is getting better, but he’s still taking it a step at a time.

The Grasshopper Life


To his old girlfriends, Robert Barsanti’s father would always be Romeo. But for Robert, Benito was Lear.

Photoshopping My Neck


William L. Walker has an ally against the inexorable march of time. It’s called Photoshop.

Are You Implying Your Child Is Ugly?

Old School Pic

Technology hasn’t quite reached the stage where the rich can assemble engineered genetics at a mall kiosk, but it’s catching up quietly, and the aftermath may be messier than ever.