Vasectomy as Male Choice

How can we shame women for getting abortions when men aren’t participating in preventing unwanted pregnancies?

How Close Are We to Male Birth Control?

New options on the horizon may give men more family planning options.

Comment of the Day: ‘It is less invasive for a guy to get his tubes tied’

The choice of permanent birth control should be a joint decision.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Wanting Your Husband To Get A Vasectomy

Can the Internet stop shaming Kristin Cavallari already?

Why I Changed my Mind About Getting a Vasectomy

Yes, the word alone makes you cringe. But it’s way less cringe-worthy than a hysterectomy.

3 Questions to Ask When You’re Considering a Vasectomy

A simple outpatient procedure can affect your life in profound ways.

Changing the World: One Vasectomy at a Time

World Vasectomy Day allows men to celebrate their families and their role in family planning. And yes, this is changing the world.

Scrabble, Ecstasy, and Fertility Clinics

Are we pushing the limits of human nature or trying to figure out where they might be?

Let’s Hear it for the Boys

A peek behind the urological privacy curtain

Once Upon a Vasectomy …

Tor Constantino marks the anniversary of his vasectomy with a pithy poem in the tradition of Dr. Seuss—to be clear, Dr. Seuss did NOT perform the vasectomy.

Snip! Why We Aren’t Having More Kids

With a quick snip and a bag of frozen peas, we have eliminated the possibility of having more children.

Need Contraception for Health and Family Planning? Ask Your Boss.

Now instead of consulting with your doctor, loved ones and insurance company, your boss will dictate what contraceptive methods, if any, are affordable for you

The Art of Power: Surrender It

Power can be viewed as a destructive force; a roaring dragon, breathing fire, belching smoke and wreaking havoc, decimating everything in its path, turning it into smoldering ash. When in surrender mode, it can become an alchemical tool for transmutation.

Nerve Cocktails, Frozen Peas and Laughter: One Man’s Vasectomy Story

As Phillip Chesnut was entering the doctor’s office for his vasectomy, the patient on the way out whispered “Good Luck”. Phillip soon found out why.

10 Reasons Why You Should Man Up and Get Cut

Matthew Hoffman thinks the same guys who think vasectomies make them less manly are the ones who hang Truck Nutz from their bumpers.

World Vasectomy Day: Campaign News

Saving the planet . . . one vasectomy at a time!