Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Divine Child

The Divine Child rejects the cold, stiff version of masculinity that leaves no room for play, emotion, or innocence.

Casual Spectator: Australian Open Quarterfinals Preview

Casual Spectator previews The Australian Open Quarterfinals: what you need to know.

Making The One You’re With, The One You Love.

Looking without seeing. At some point in the relationship we fail to see that our heart’s desire is right in front of us.

Never Stop Living

Does self-image ultimately determine how the body will perform?

From Wordsworth to Childbirth, Finding Where We’re Home

Father delves into poetry, paternity, and zoology to understand man’s place

Jamaican Gentlemen

For a revolutionary generation of young Jamaican men, the strong and available role models looked like the enemy.

To Venus or the Sun

To Venus or the Sun   You have driven me To my pair of once-optimistic knees, Once full of faith for you— Knees which still believe in God, Who floats like the mist Next to the Hyatt building across the street— And I waited for you With my solitary pipe like a character in “Godot.” […]