Send a Message of Hope to Domestic Violence Survivors

In the time it takes you to read this tagline, 4 people will be abused. One of them might be someone you know.

Make It End Differently: The Tragedy of Amy Homan McGee

“Telling Amy’s Story” lays out how and why law enforcement, the justice system, colleagues, friends, and family fail to stop domestic violence before it claims lives.

Leaving Home

When Jerry Mahoney was 22 he was brave enough to move to Los Angeles and find his true self. Now, as a father, he has to find that bravery again to return back home to the East Coast.

Insulting the Users of a Product Doesn’t Make the Competitor’s Product Better

Douglas Wake responds to Eric Jackson’s piece “Android Users Don’t Know Enough To Matter.”

Gadgets: iPhone Goes Prepaid With Cricket On June 22nd

Pony up the funds up front and you can hold the smartphone pacesetter, no-strings attached.

Poll: Men, Do You Find This Ad Insulting?

Nicole Johnson finds the current advertising strategy of reducing men to infantile, irresponsible brutes insulting. What do you think?

Security: Selling Access To Your Phone Records Can Make Carriers A Mint

Any badge with a few bucks can get into your business, warrant or no warrant, and here’s how.

Technology: Your Smartphone Is SERIOUSLY Spying On You! [Carrier IQ]

Things with this whole “Carrier IQ putting spy software on your phone” debacle just keep getting worse …

News: Technophilia for June 29th, 2011

Apps and code, hard drives and speedy processors, Technophilia gives you all the details on the world of technology and the future. These are the technology stories from the It’s Komplicated June 29th webcast.

Can You Hear Me Now?

As the song ends, he launches into a whirlwind spin in the middle of the living room. Spinning and spinning, faster and faster, until…

The 10 at 10

Feb. 23 roundup: Kristen Schaal on abortion funding, NASA vs. God, and everything that is wrong with America in eight charts.

The Verizon iPhone Is the Best Thing That Will Ever Happen to You

If you’re on Verizon or AT&T, here’s what to expect—and what you should do. Right. Now.

FCC ‘Bill Shock’ Plan: What Took So Long?

The FCC has long ignored the mobile industry’s financial wringing of its customers, and the “Bill Shock” plan is mostly a stunt to cover for the Commission’s historical tendency to ignore these kinds of problems.