Senate Blocks Veteran’s Bill: Jon Stewart’s Response

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Senate kills bill that would help veterans–tries to add Iran sanction to make it pass.

In Just 100 Days DC Finds Homes for More Than 200 Homeless Veterans


Galvanized by the injustice of a veteran risking his life for his country only to later find himself without a home, Veterans NOW has developed to end veteran homelessness in Washington DC by the end of 2015.

100 Words on Love: February, 1942


The threat of war, the fear of death: none of that in the photograph.

A Startling Contrast: Looking at Veteran Unemployment Rates by Gender


Small decrease in unemployed male veterans. Dramatic decrease in unemployed female veterans. Why?

What Your Doctor Never Taught You About PTSD


Dr. Jed Diamond shares some basic insights into what PTSD is as well as what methods have had some success in treating it.

Poetry, Therapy, and Becoming a Good Man


Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus writes about poetry, problem-solving, and how writing well can help you become a better man.

NEW REPORT: Suicide Rate Among Young Veterans Has Tripled

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Young male veterans under the age of 30 are three times more likely to commit suicide when compared to civilian males in the same age bracket.

Artis Henderson’s ‘Unremarried Widow’ [Review and Interview]

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“Everything will be ok.” When you are the widow of a serviceman who died in Iraq, those words are so not ok. Jesse Kornbluth talks to Artis Chester about her book and her life.

What You Learn From Deployments and How They Change Your Family


Marie Roker-Jones Shares what she’s learned over three of her husband’s deployments.

“Would you stay with your wife/girlfriend if she had a tragic accident like this?”

love story

Tweet   This comment by Luzy on the post A Love Story In 22 Pictures Would you have stay with your Wife/Girlfriend if she had a tragic accident like this? I lot of people won’t men or women. This has nothing to do with being less feminist or more. This is LOVE. Maybe start believing in […]

The Top 5 War & Veterans Articles of 2013


Our top 5 war and veterans articles of 2013.

War Through the Eyes of a Soldier

War Is Messy

Experience war through a soldier’s letter home.

My Dad: Vietnam Veteran & Man in the 21st Century


Sara Freeman interviews her father about his military experiences and about being a man in the 21st century.

The H.E.R.O. Corps

for the hero corps by protect

We throw the word hero around a little too casually these days. Here are some men who earn the title.

Why Women Need to Challenge Men in Healthy Ways

military couple

Iraq War veteran Michael Anthony believes women should challenge men, not coddle them.

Incredible Time Lapse Video Shows How Dignity and Respect Can Change a Man

Transformation of a Veteran

There are 60,000 homeless veterans in America. It’s a solvable problem. Here is a way to start.