My Secret Vice

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Admitting you’re into golf…

Three Conversations To Have Before Your Children Leave For College


A lot of the trials of college life can be mitigated by some simple conversations.

Video: The Man Behind the Cosby Sweater

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 4.24.00 PM

Turns out, the father of the Cosby Sweater craze is pretty damn awesome.

Control Your Vice, Please. Part 2: Cigarette Butts.


Kenny Bodanis doesn’t even have a problem with smoking… just littering.

Control Your Vice, Please. Part 1: Get a Leash for Your Dog!


Kenny Bodanis feels that there is a basic etiquette to dog ownership, and it is really not that complicated.

Is It Safe to Come Out of the Cave Now?


After years of hating people, Tom Matlack is ready to start connecting.

Comic Rob Delaney on Porn, Sobriety, Twitter, and Feminism


Delaney talks sobriety, why he’s a feminist, honesty, and the finer points of his social network of choice.