The Accountability of Rape

I refuse to believe people like Brock Turner somehow define a dark shadow that resides in all men.

Comment of the Day: ‘males tend to be forgotten and disbelieved that they can even be a victim’

Men and boys are also victims of rape and often forgotten.

Codependency Isn’t a Disorder, It’s a Relationship Dynamic

This covert victim-blaming further damages self-esteem & gifts abusers with an excuse for the inexcusable.

Sex With Minors? It’s Always Rape

Children cannot give consent. The answer is always no. The act is always rape.

She’s Not Asking For Your Advances

It is time we pointed out the obvious and stopped blaming women for being sexually harassed.

NRA’s Strategy of Blaming the Victims

South Carolina is ranked 9th in firearm murders. While the NRA chants that guns save lives, Warren Blumenfeld looks at the clear, cold, hard facts.

Changing The Paradigm: Addressing Our Role in Perpetuating Rape Culture

Rape culture justifies sexualized violence by denying or minimizing its existence, and holding victims responsible. We must all play a role in ending it.

Why I Vote for Yoga Pants

Carly Puch has had it with women being told what they should and shouldn’t wear.

3 Warning Signs You Might Have Victim Tendencies

Kary Oberbrunner says you choose whether you let your circumstances affect your life.

I Blamed The Victim, Too – Until I Became One

Hera McLeod didn’t fully understand the damage victim blaming caused until she became a victim herself.

Women—To Move Equality Forward, Please Work With, Not Against Men

Thomas Fiffer asks for a new, label-free language to resolve the gender equality deadlock.

Stop Thinking Like a Perpetrator: 4 Ways to Better Support Survivors of Sexual Violence

Jamie Utt shows us four important ways to abandon perpetrator logic and stop denying the pain of survivors.

‘Why Didn’t She Leave?’ An Abuse Survivor Speaks

Ella Hicks, founder of the Rebel Thriver community for abuse survivors, explains why Janay and millions of others don’t leave abusive relationships.

Fox and Friends Hosts Joke About Domestic Abuse

Fox News host: Don’t want to get beaten unconscious in an elevator? Take the stairs. Hardy har har.

Hell Yeah, That Was Rape In Game of Thrones’ “Breaker of Chains”

Alexander Yarde is frustrated with the media encouraging rape culture with dangerous rape scenes that encourage the “but she really wanted it” way of thinking.

6 Ways Jokes about Violence Against Men Harms Male Victims

Andrew Smiler lists six reasons why we should stop laughing at male victims of violence.