Who Will You Choose to Be…A Victim or A Hero?


Michael Feeley on his story of growth.

7 Signs You Are a Victim of Gaslighting

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 9.10.14 PM

Narcissists and other manipulators can make you believe you’re crazy. Here are the warning signs.

Don’t Call Me Strong

Sad statue in snow

Being called strong was always a compliment, until I realized my version of strength was holding me back.

3 Warning Signs You Might Have Victim Tendencies


Kary Oberbrunner says you choose whether you let your circumstances affect your life.

The Fine Art of Complaining and a Life That Sucks

Stop Complaining

Here’s a sure-fire way to make sure that your life never sucks again…

Are you Sucked into the Drama Triangle?

Are you Sucked into the Drama Triangle

Here’s how to get back out.

Are You a Member of the B.O.B. Club?

Beast of Burden

Do you ever feel unappreciated or like a beast of burden? If so, here’s your way out of the B.O.B. Club…

Rolling Stone and UVA: The Intersection of Journalism and Victim Blaming

Rolling Stone - GMP

Christopher M. Anderson uses Rolling Stone’s recent retraction about their University of Virginia story about on-campus rape to underscore the crucial need for responsible journalism in cases involving victims.

No, Ray Rice, You’re Not Holding Strong

Ray Rice Holding Strong

Here’s what holding strong really is.

5 Signs You’re Being Played by a ‘Victim’

5 Signs You're Being by Alyssa L Miller

Thomas Fiffer pinpoints 5 signs that a “victim-player” is playing you and shares 5 traits of true survivors.

How Being Bullied Was One of My Greatest Gifts

hurt locker teen

Bettina Goodwin reflects on her experiences of being bullied and how a new perspective transformed her life completely.

How This Little Girl Is Living her Parents Fights

Domestic violence children

Lea is her mother in disguise.

The Victim Bully Dynamic: How to End it for Good

Diseñado para DDD

Vironika Tugaleva shares a simple but not easy solution to the cycle of abuse.

Gentle Men & Abusive Women: A Lethal Pairing Nobody Wants to Talk About


Dr. Jed Diamond shares his personal story, and his hard-earned insights, about being an abused man in a relationship.

On Raising Kids Not to Bully (Or to Be Bullied)

The antidote to bullying

Julie Gillis looks at ways you can help your child grow up to not be a bully — and, equally important, how to not have them be a victim of bullying.

“Men and women ought to break free from those old paradigms that say only women can be victims and that maleness is the pinnacle of status.”


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