The Proverbial Freeze Out: Why Do We Hold Grudges?


Matthew Rozsa discusses the millennial generation’s habit of freezing people out… and whether the practice of holding grudges offers any benefits.

Organized Gang-Stalking: Yes, It’s a Thing and It’s Dangerous

bully victim

Gang Stalking is pervasive and can leave victims emotionally debilitated or worse. How to survive.

21 Advocates for Men and Boys Who Don’t Hate Women

21 Advocates by 55Laney69

Believe it or not, there are people out there who support women while sticking up for men. Christopher Anderson lists 21 of them.

Out of the Shadows: When Catcalling Crosses the Line Again


Erin Kelly explores the dangerous consequences of catcalling people with disabilities.

Life After Acceptance: On Feeling and Fighting Shame


One man’s story of how he works to overcome the shameful feelings that can arise from the trauma of being sexually abused.

Boys Become Men: On Recovering from Childhood Trauma in Healthy Ways


Childhood trauma, its impact on men and boys, and how to support other men’s efforts to cope with those impacts in healthy ways.

Man Up? Woman Up? How About We All Just Stand Up?

Men Women Stand Up photo by beglen

Tamara Star’s advice to all adults, men and women, on how to live more responsible lives.

Slut-Shaming is Against the Guy Code


Wilkine Brutus on the recent K-Pop scandal and the need to end slut-shaming.

22 Veterans Will Kill Themselves Today


War veteran believes “There’s probably a tidal wave of suicides coming.”

The Anti-Slavery Movement’s Imagery Problem


To truly combat human trafficking we must choose and use images wisely.

Culture’s Effect on Victims


A story of child labor, sex slavery and those times when culture slaps you in the face.

Rage, Rage Against…Myself


Anger issues can be intensely damaging to relationships. Cully Perlman shares his account of battling with his own internal rage and its effects within marriage.

Evolving Our Image of Human Trafficking

HT 1

Why the human trafficking movement must move beyond its reliance on crisis imagery.

The Forgotten Many: Sex Trafficked Boys


It’s naïve to think we can end sex trafficking when we’ve not begun to speak about it accurately.

How Submissive Sex Helped a Rape Survivor Recover


Author Jane Devin overcame fear to embrace an unlikely ally

The Death of Innocence at Amherst College

For Country

Avery Stone’s candid piece about the culture of sexual assault at Amherst College