Preventing Sexual Abuse is a Public Health Issue


We need a responsible, open discussion that acknowledges the part we all can play in preventing and responding to sexual abuse.

Sex Trafficking: Beyond the Abstract Evil


The way to truly combat sex trafficking is not and never will be to talk around it. We must talk through it.

Charles Ramsey is a Hero For More Than Just Breaking Down a Door

charles ramsey

Yes, Charles Ramsey is a hero, but not for the reasons you think.

Wounded Warriors Visit Boston Marathon Victims With Similar Injuries

wounded warrior

We are more alike than you know.

Embracing Destruction

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How do we learn to take decisive action?

So You’re Tired of Hearing About “Rape Culture”?


Someone asked me today, “What is ‘rape culture’ anyway? I’m tired of hearing about it.”

“Victims of abuse can be found in all social and economic classes and can be of either sex.”


This is a comment by Laura Cowan on the post “The Honest Testimony of a Woman Held Captive by Her Husband”.

A Grief So Profound


What can we learn from ancient myths about grief and mourning in the present?

Two Days in the Storm


Penn State brings together a community of experts and survivors to talk about prevention and recovery from sexual abuse.

Project Unbreakable

1 Be a Man

Grace Brown photographs survivors of sexual abuse with posters that hold quotes from their attackers. TRIGGER WARNING.

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I Am a Highly Sensitive Man


Although being a highly sensitive person is equally common among women and men, being a sensitive man remains misunderstood.

Fierce Resistance


Why do we continue to blame the victims of sexual assault?

“A deliberate choice to stalk, physically overpower, and rape her is not a circumstance where an apology will do.”


This is a comment by Chloe on the post “I Know Who You Raped Last Summer”.

I’ll Never Forgive You


Four little words by Victim 4 in the Jerry Sundusky case speak volumes.

Blackmail in the Digital Age


How would one conduct blackmail in the digital age, in which the idea of an ‘original copy’ is meaningless? Carl Pettit considers this theoretical dilemma.

“One great thing about the coverage of the Sandusky case was the focus on the affects of abuse.”


This is a comment by Jacobtk on the post “Returning to the Question; Continuing the Conversation”.