Anita Sarkeesian, GamerGate, and the Self-Dehumanization of a Generation

anita mobm

The backlash against statements by gaming commentator Anita Sarkeesian has writer Matthew Rozsa questioning mob mentality in the digital world.

The Killing of Saturday Morning Cartoons


The death of a ritual – natural cultural progression or a disability for generations to come?

‘Shadow of Mordor’ Walks in the Shadow of No Other Game


Adam Workman reviews the newest game by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and finds ‘Lord of the Rings’ brought to life.

Notch has left Minecraft: But We Still Need a Role Model


“Thank you for turning Minecraft into what it has become, but there are too many of you, and I can’t be responsible for something this big.”

“Holy Imminent Release!” LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham


Alex Yarde geeks out hard over LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham’s DLC and added features!

Why Are Most Violent People Male?

brother by fabrizio rinaldi 1329623779_5474461ef2_z resized

Andrew Smiler considers several reasons why violent people are more likely to be male than female.

If the Computer Dies Will Our Kids Survive?


Aleasa Word reflects on the high dependence we have on technology and its impact on kids

Women, Trolls, and the Killer Hypothetical


If we don’t pause once in a while to ask ourselves what we’re escaping from, then our pastimes cease to be harmless; they undermine our roles as citizens of the real world, suppressing empathy in favor of the killer hypothetical.

Misogynistic Commenters Attacked A Female Video Game Critic. Here’s Why Some of Them Should Have Been Silenced


“If there was a push to block trolls and their commentary, you would deny them their voice and reduce their opinions to irrelevance,” writes Angelus Morningstar.

7 Things I Can’t Wait to Experience with My Son

7 Things I Can't Wait to Experience with My Son

Scott Posey highlights seven experiences—some minor, some profound—that he can’t wait to share with his young son one day.

What Was Your Most Satisfying Video Game Moment?

The King of Kong movie poster onesheet

Video games are primed to give us these moments if we work hard enough for them. What’s the one that left you feeling like you could take over the world at that moment–your biggest virtual victory?

Do Age Restrictions on Video Games Need to Change?


Tom Hunt discusses the health factors involving heavily violent video games, and asks the question: at what age (or at any age) is this kind of media appropriate?

This Moment Is More Precious Than You Think


Alex Yarde heard the story of a young man who found a “ghost” of his father in an old Xbox, and it reminded him to appreciate even the smallest moments with his kids.

The Gamers You Don’t Know About [Video]


Be ready to have some stereotypes busted.

‘Valiant Hearts:The Great War’ Game Review


‘Valiant Hearts: The Great War’ is proof video games can surpass feature films in narrative depth. Alex Yarde has details.

Video Games: Still Bro-tastic and Misogynistic After All These Years


Historian Oliver Lee Bateman examines a console gaming industry bent on peddling the same old trash to willing buyers.