7 Things I Can’t Wait to Experience with My Son

7 Things I Can't Wait to Experience with My Son

Scott Posey highlights seven experiences—some minor, some profound—that he can’t wait to share with his young son one day.

What Was Your Most Satisfying Video Game Moment?

The King of Kong movie poster onesheet

Video games are primed to give us these moments if we work hard enough for them. What’s the one that left you feeling like you could take over the world at that moment–your biggest virtual victory?

Do Age Restrictions on Video Games Need to Change?


Tom Hunt discusses the health factors involving heavily violent video games, and asks the question: at what age (or at any age) is this kind of media appropriate?

This Moment Is More Precious Than You Think


Alex Yarde heard the story of a young man who found a “ghost” of his father in an old Xbox, and it reminded him to appreciate even the smallest moments with his kids.

The Gamers You Don’t Know About [Video]


Be ready to have some stereotypes busted.

‘Valiant Hearts:The Great War’ Game Review


‘Valiant Hearts: The Great War’ is proof video games can surpass feature films in narrative depth. Alex Yarde has details.

Video Games: Still Bro-tastic and Misogynistic After All These Years


Historian Oliver Lee Bateman examines a console gaming industry bent on peddling the same old trash to willing buyers.

The Worst Video Game You’ve Never Played


Historian Oliver Lee Bateman examines how the latest version of Super Smash Bros. has already broken the hearts of its most devoted fans.

Artist’s Manifesto: Paint Women Like Women


They’re more than just a collection of parts, writes illustrator Noah Bradley in an appeal to his entertainment industry colleagues.

Nintendo Can’t Take the Gay Out of Gaming Without a Fight


Tomodachi Life: make friends, fall in love, but stay straight.

EXOGENESIS: Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo Adventure Visual Novel


Set in Post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Exogenesis the adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney games, gets Alex Yarde in Otaku mode!

Do Video Games Encourage Racism?

Do Video Games Encourage Racism - 1

Dr. Vibe and a group of men discuss if watching video games can cause racism.

Are Video Games About War Hurting The Emotional Development Of Boys And Men? (Maybe They Don’t Have to)

Video Games

Some video game trivialize war and violence but it doesn’t have to be this way.

3 Parents Discuss Kids and Violent Video Games

video games

Video games have changed dramatically since Mario saved the princess. Jay Snook talks to some parents about keeping their kids safe in the new world of gaming.

First Love: Score

Memories of a beanbag...and so much more.

Scott Heydt recalls a first for him when he was 12 years old.

What I Learned about Meditation from a Video Game Monk and My High School Biology Teacher


Tim Gossling shares the secrets of floating lotus, stretchy limbs and the health benefits of resting your mind.