Guy Climbs the World’s Tallest Residential Building Like it’s Nothing

From the top of Dubai’s Marina 101, the tallest residential building in the world, he talks to himself about a conversation he had with a crane operator.

What’s Scarier: Trump or The Brexit?

What is worse: Trump or Brexit?

Every Perfect Dunk Since the 1984 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Here’s a mashup of a bunch of guys who are *really* good at putting a ball through a hoop.

Eight Responses to the Phrase ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’

Do you ever ask yourself that maybe the land we stand on today belonged to someone else?

Either These Guys are Giants or This Parisian Elevator is Silly Small

Europeans really must be thinner.

The Most Beautiful Bridal Entrance: St. Martin in the Fields

This has to be one of the most heartfelt, emotional bridal entrance’s we have ever filmed.

Dad Pulls out His Son’s Tooth with a Helicopter

Is this what they mean by “helicopter parenting”?

Strange Man Wrestles a Wild Ruffed Grouse

Man vs Wild Bird

Backseat Drivers

Lazy, brilliant dad pulls his kids in a wagon with an RC car.

Using a Grappling Hook is Much Harder Than it Looks Like in Movies

On the big screen, the hero always easily clears the raging river with their trusty grappling hook and rope. In real life, sometimes you just swing right into the water.

Gravity Has No Meaning for These Extremely Athletic Guys

These jump men can effortlessly land on a stack of weights nearly as tall as they are… We are really out of shape.

Why Negative Feedback is the Best Feedback

A quick story to help you deal with negative people who are trying to kill your vibe.

There’s No Best of Both Worlds When Neither One Wants You

But all the lies felt like saki bombs exploding off my tongue, drowning my white classmates in a tsunami of what they told me being Asian meant.

Man Teaches Wolf Cub How to Howl

We would like to be this guy teaching a baby wolf to howl.

Ruins of Hampi – The Former Second Largest City in the World

What adventures an a man find in Hampi?

Working at a Wastewater Treatment Facility is as Gross as You’d Think it Would be

Let’s just take a minute to thank all the men and women who work at these sewage plants for literally putting up with all they do, every single day.