Poetry Challenges Advertisement : Watch Those Real Regular People Kiss and Undress Each Other.

Poetry challenges Advertisement

Real strangers, average looking people kiss and undress each other as a realistic and poetic counterpoint to viral ads made with actors.

‘It’ll Go Right Across the Lawn If You Fly It Right’

dad airplane

A dad gives his son a quick lesson in aerodynamics they won’t likely forget.

VIDEO: The 2 Times Each Day When Habit-Forming is Easiest

Empowered Life Thumbnail.003

Video: How to build habits, the easy way, everyday… with Dale Thomas Vaughn

On a Beach in Siberia, This is What a Hailstorm Looks Like


That cannot have been fun.

In Need of a Fully Equipped Car? This Hilarious Ad May Convince You

In need of a fully equipped car ?

French carmaker Citroën’s last advertisement movie. Très drôle!

Barcelona Like You’ve Never Seen It. A Beguiling 2 Minute Time Lapse


Truly, to call this a time-lapse doesn’t do it justice. The city sparkles and comes alive.

Ride the World’s Tallest Water Slide — by VideoCam


Hello Verruckt. How tall is “tallest”? At 168 foot 7 inch, the starting point is taller than Niagra Falls and should reach a maximum speed of 65 mph. Enjoy!

An Underaged Teen Asked a Homeless Man to Buy Him Beer. And Learned the Lesson of a Lifetime.

broken bottles

“Broken Bottles” performed by Ben Grenrock.

A Drone Flies Into the Middle of Exploding Fireworks to Film Them. Watch and You Shall See.

drone fireworks

The drone survived, intact.

The Magnificent 7 Patriotic TV Shows

MASH header

What is your favorite patriotic TV show? Brandy Pettigrew offers her Independence Day top seven.

Create Deep Connections Online, Not Just In Person [Video]

VMG Meeting 588

Do you worry about your lack of connection because you are always online? In this video Graham Phoenix talks about his life in a remote part of Spain and how he uses virtual connections to create deep connections.

Dance Your Way Into a Pair of Pants. (No Hands Required)

put your pants on

This guy finds a way to combine his early morning workout with getting dressed. And there you have it.

Amazing People Doing Amazing Things

amazing people

A video compilation that will make you sit up and go “wow,” as people attempt to do things truly out of the ordinary.

Two Guys Turn a One-Bedroom Apartment into a Two-Bedroom Apartment (And Make it Look Easy).

do it yourself of day one bedroom into two bedroom

Our DIY of the Day. Complete with the joys of time-lapse videography.

What’s Awesome About This Guy In Britney Spears Videos


Dillan DiGiovanni thinks this guy who replaced himself in Britney Spears videos is really awesome!

Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend

teddy meets best friend

This teddy bear just won the internet’s heart.