Pick a Seat, Any Seat

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People Watching on Memorial Day

Why do we get so much joy out of people watching and making up stories?

Is America Afraid of the Black Quarterback?

Cam Newton plays well in “position of power” and that’s “rubbing people the wrong way.”

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Brave, but not Wise, Train Surfing

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What Coming Out With Confidence Looks Like

These parents celebrate their son’s coming out in best way possible.

What is Purpose And How Do You Use It To Make Your Life Better?

Purpose is not a goal. Purpose is not a plan. Purpose is a journey. Purpose is the DIRECTION of your most fulfilling life.

Man From Chicago is a Walking Suction Cup

Also known as “Can Head,” this man has a rare skin condition that causes objects — like soda cans — to stick to his body.

Explore an Epic Ancient Shrine in Kyoto

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Playing Guitar in Space: It’s Harder than you Think

An Astronaut Explains Why It’s Exceedingly Difficult To Play Guitar In Space.

10 Things You Should Know About Being an Asian from the South

“When you forget where you’re from, that’s when you truly become American.”

Little Kid Disrupts his Sister’s YouTube Video in the Best Possible Way

A girl using her phone to record a song she was playing from inside her guitar is interrupted by her little brother. He deftly recovers her device and saves it from an untimely death.

One Bike, Two Kids, and Creative Teamwork for the Win

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Who’s Counting?

One man humorously questions his choice of poetic style.

Tragic Footage of 150,000 Tires on Fire in Australia

150,000 tires went up in flames at a yard in Melbourne creating a cloud of smoke that could be seen for miles. Report by Sarah Duffy.

To Control this Black Rage is a Lie

“I was the one who had to unlearn the fight.”