Amazon Prime Air. Is This What the Future Really Looks Like? (Parody)

amazon prime air

Amazon’s new service, Amazon Prime Air, delivers products to your door with a fleet of aerial drones in 30 minutes! Insane publicity stunt? Or the future of customer service? You be the judge!

Dance Until Your Pants Light Up the Floor


Chill. Watch. Say “I wish I could move like that.” Repeat.

Understand the Split and Divide in Society

Under Stand the split

A stroll with Shane in talking about the split and divide in Tottenham, London.

Have a Good Day, Please

Todd Fuerst

Todd Fuerst is deployed and has seen the events back home. He wants all of us to have a good day.

A Man’s Best Friend—and His Dance Partner, Too

A Mans Best Friend by marcelokpz

This shirtless guy loves hip hop, and his dancing dog does, too!

#RethinkHomelessness Gives Details We Never Knew


#RethinkHomelessness takes a moment to ask and truly listen to people in their community. We never know what we’ll learn.

Spread The Message

Spread the word

Three minutes that will change the way you think. Then you will want to spread the message.

Race, Gender, and Awareness

Race Gender Awareness

Cecile Emeke, a positive male role model from Hackney, London has a lot to teach men about race, gender, and awareness.

One Focused Man Achieves Super Hero Balance

super hero balance

Jaan Roose has the super hero balance down for a slack line performance that leaves you wondering, “Can he levitate?”

Without You I Have No History: The Importance of Story-Keeping

Alex & Leslie - Title

“We’re losing millions of stories everyday”, says Oscar Nilsson.

I am a Nature Dork

I am a Nature Dork

Any chance I have to get out into the trees turns me into a total nature dork.

Move Over Charlie: Laughing Baby Bites Dad’s Finger

Charlie's Got Competition by HDCYT.jpg

Watch a dad turn one second of pain into 40 seconds of sheer joy.

Marvel Looks Back and Teases with What is Yet to Come


As another blockbuster Marvel movie releases the studio takes us on a retrospective of the cinematic universe they have created.

Don’t Watch If You’d Prefer Not to See a Knee Replacement via Surgeon-Cam

knee replacement

Yes it’s graphic. And there is less blood and more specialized saws than we would have imagined.

Maybe You Would Put the Dishes Away More Often if You Knew How to Drum

drum solo

The impromptu silverware drum solo. All it needs is a round of applause.

Watch as This Iceberg Collapses Perilously Close to the Boaters Filming It

iceberg collapse

And it all falls down…