The Dutch Rugby Team’s Pre-Game Handshake Ritual For The Ages


Dutch Rugby, taking “Slip Me Some Skin” to new heights.

7 Signs You’re in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

7 Signs by Feliciano Guimaraes

There’s a big difference between a bad relationship and an emotionally abusive one. Adam LaDolce explains.

A Whole Lot of Awards for this Animated Short. And the Word You Will Remember is ‘More’.

Coda. A lost soul meets death

The beautifully animated short film “Coda” is about a lost soul who meets death and just wants a little more time.

Why You Should Never Prank Your Girlfriend With a ‘Ketchup Bomb’

Ketchup Bomb Prank

Why do a prank like this IRL when you can roll on the ground laughing hysterically over this video?

This Guy Did a Dance Routine in 100 Different Places and Edited It Together. Enjoy.

100 days of dance guy

It started with a bucket list item: #22 Learn to dance.

Grill On the Go This Summer: A Review of the Largest Portable Grill


David Pass fired up the Elevate Grill and found it the must-have accessory for the summer.

Movie Review: Brotherhood Of Blades (Xiu Chun Dao) from The New York Asian Film Festival


New York Asian Film Festival 2015 entry Brotherhood of Blades takes Alex Yarde back to martial art classic films.

How Dads Can Deal with Their Anger: Full Frontal Fatherhood (Video)


Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Julian Redwood has an answer.

How to Build a Suspension Bridge Between Two Mountains in Switzerland (Now That’s What We Call Manpower)

How to Build a Suspension Bridge

The building of the Carasc Bridge.

What Dads Really Want For Father’s Day (It’s Not an Apple Watch!): Video


Truth is, he wants more than just a roll in the hay and a “#1 Dad”mug.

Can a Man Scare Away a Charging Bear? Why Yes He Can

man scares bear

Ralph Persson and his wife were out walking their dogs in Sweden when they encountered a bear. Ralph took his protector role very seriously here.

This Baby’s Laugh Will Make Your Day

Buzz and the Dandelions by Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher put baby Buzz on his back and started blowing on dandelions. Buzz couldn’t stop laughing, and neither will you.

Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

TED Talk Why do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

Dame Stephanie Shirley is the most successful tech entrepreneur you never heard of.

Running Side by Side: A Simple Act of Kindness


In this video that’s sweeping the Internet, Matt Woodrum shows inner strength and heart. His gym teacher and classmates show the beauty of a simple act of human kindness.

You’ve Never Seen a Guitar Played Like This Before

You've Never Seen by rtists

What happens when a guy puts an iPhone inside his guitar and starts filming? ___ This inventive guitar player gives a new meaning to the phrase “good vibrations.”Photo—rtists/YouTube

Because You Always Wanted to Know: Here’s What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum Into a Watermelon

Aluminum in a Watermelon

The Backyard Scientist pours molten aluminum into a hole in a watermelon and discovers the place where science meets art.