Micro Homes on the Road

OTIS 550 jpg

The freedom of having a home, being self-sufficient, and traveling on the road is the quintessential American Dream. Why not combine them into one?

The Lie of Black-On-Black Crime

black on black crime

You don’t ever hear people excuse the murder of a white person because of “white on white crime” … but the rates are the same.

One Simple Statement Can Un-Stick Your Stuck Relationship

jayson gaddis unstuck

A helpful video from Jayson Gaddis, who works with couples day in and day out on these issues.

Train Station Crowd Unites to Free a Trapped Passenger

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 4.17.13 PM

This is humanity at its finest, in an Australian train station.

This Dreadlocked Dude’s Musical Stylings Will Astound You. I Promise!

Mike Love

I feel like I’m impressed by very little, and I was especially underwhelmed by the beginning of this video. It thought, “okay another dude trying to beatbox”… But then a friend of mine said “Skip to 4:20 and just hang in there!”

Dads, Your Beards Matter to Your Kids!

Poor Dot Dad shaves beard

What happens when a baby’s dad shaves his beard for the first time? (video)

Is This a Deleted Scene From The Wire? Nah, It’s Just a Case of Real-Life Good Police

KC Cops play basketball with kids

What happens when cops block off a street in Kansas City? Not what you expect…

New Dads, Listen Up! 6 Things You Need to Know… From Guys Who’ve Been There

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 6.05.44 PM

The type of funny, honest advice you’d get from your best friends… probably while drinking a cold beverage.

The Best Part of These Remote Control Photos of Lions is the Joy of the Photographers

lion photos

There’s something special about this video, and it’s not just the pride of lionesses who try to eat the camera mounted to an RC buggy.

Sharing The Best Parts of Your Life on Facebook Isn’t Necessarily Deception

scott thompson

Joanna Schroeder challenges a viral video’s assertion that Facebook is basically a haven for lies and narcissism intended to make people’s lives look perfect.

Another ‘Do What You Love’ Story: Shore Break Photos Redefine Surf Photography

Clark LIttle

Clark Little’s photos are not your usual surf magazine covers… but they’re totally breathtaking.

There’s Something About the Way a Child Says “Daddy”… (video)

Dove Read Dads

This ad will pull at your heartstrings and reinforce the importance of dads.

“Kids Don’t Take Away Your Manhood, They Give It To You” – Louis CK on Fatherhood (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 9.07.35 AM

Louis CK on what makes fathers so valuable.

Now That I’m a Dad, My Photos and Videos are Priceless


Now that he has a family, Zach Rosenberg’s passion for photography is more important than ever. YesVideo can help him preserve his family’s memories forever.

19 Year Old Girl Gets to Hug Her Dad for the First Time


Torri Biddle lived her entire life without most of her right arm until the guys from The Buried Life decided to change her world.

Oprah Makes Pharrell Cry After Showing Him ‘Happy’ Fan Videos


Because when Oprah says, “Can we roll the tape of that,” your tears are going to be released from eye jail.