Is This the Real Difference Between Men and Women?

Adam LoDolce

Does this funny video hint at a truth about your relationship? Adam LoDolce has some insights.

Humans Try to Catch Food Like Fritz the Dog

humans catch food in mouth

Sunday fun: Humans try to re-create the megaviral video of Fritz the Dog being terrible at catching food. Hint: The humans are even worse.

Hope For the Future: Pint-Sized Percussionists Nail Zeppelin on the Xylophone

Led Zeppelin Xylophone

Prepare for the awesome.

’50 Shades of Grey:’ The Debate

50 shades

Whether or not you’ll be watching ’50 Shades of Grey,’ you’ll be asked to discuss it’s worth. James Halcomb gives you other options this Valentine’s Day.

Dear Kitten: A Cat’s Advice About The Super Bowl

Cat and Superbowl

When you stock up on Super Bowl goodies, don’t forget your cat’s favorites. Here’s why.

Michigan Cops Giving Surprise Xmas Gifts to Drivers Will Give You All the Holiday Feels

michigan cops give presents

Is someone chopping onions in here, or what?

Guys, Here’s How You’re Being Duped By Before & After Photos

faked before and afters video

Can you really make yourself look THAT much better with good lighting and a flattering pose?

For White People Feeling Helpless Over Ferguson and Eric Garner: 5 Tips For Being an Ally

franchesca ramsey ally

Allies can do a lot of good, but only if we are listening to a movement’s leaders. Franchesca Ramsey helps us out.

8 Tips for Not Sucking at Talking on the Phone

tripp and tyler cell phone

Tripp and Tyler with factoids you never knew you needed about cell phones… but will totally help you out.

Weird Things Brothers Fight About

things brothers fight about

Stinky feet, who got to the elevator first, and why you didn’t make it to the NBA. Do you fight with your bro about this stuff? (video)

It’s Still Movember, Boys, and Nick Offerman’s Got Some ‘Stache Tips

nick offerman made man movember

He’s got a world-class mustache, and plays one of the greatest comedic characters in TV history. Yes, Ron Swanson wants you to grow a mustache.

If Dudes Catcalled Dudes – Does This Video Make You Uncomfortable?

Men Greeting Men BuzzFeed

Does BuzzFeed get it right in this video where men greet other men the way men sometimes “greet” women?

Guydes: How to Be Suave at a Bar

guyde suave bar

Made Man’s new video series gives guys pro tips for life.

Stuff Straight Guys Say to Gay Guys…and Probably Shouldn’t

stuff straight guys say to gay guys

This funny video reminds us that our curiosity isn’t more important than people’s right to privacy!

How to Be a Man: A Goofy Instructional Video

how to be a man buzz feed

Because “sawdust is man-glitter” after all.

Confused About Why the R*dskins Name Is Racist? Watch This Funny Video

Hari Washington Team

Comedian Hari Kondabolu explains it better than we ever could…