War is Hell, Love is Terrifying

The love of a child burns brightly through the darkness

Respecting the Instance When Muhammed Ali Chose NOT to Fight

Being his own man was the critical precedent Muhammad Ali set for 21st-Century men.

Truck Driving His Way to Family

The meaning of family through the eyes of a friend

Why Would A Jewish Guy Name His Daughter After Muhammad Ali?

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Warriors on Family: My Band of Brothers

Dale A. Dye reflects on his family, forged through shared suffering and survival.

Family. Combat. Brothers. Race.

John M. Del Vecchio reminds us about family: It is deeper than blood and includes everyone regardless of race, creed, gender or politics.

How I Honor My Parents

How you honor your parents is one way to show love for your country.

The Many Faces of Family

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Warriors: On Family

Honor is reserved for what you give

She’s Not Gone

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The Enigma of Peace

William P. Singley writes that for many of us, peace remains a vague reality.


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What Peace Means to Me

Words and laughter are the most powerful weapons of peace.