Leopards Can’t Change Their Spots


Leopards can’t change their spots but domestic violence programs do change lives

Dharma 101 for Dads

Dharma 101 by nr vaichu

Ty Phillips spins Buddhist wisdom into 5 simple parenting tips for fathers.

When Darts Missed The Mark


The ugly antics that erupted during the international Darts Invitational Challenge in Melbourne on the weekend shows that the aim of getting “bums on seats” has taken precedence over the merits of a highly skilled sport, writes David Packman

From Bouncer to Buddhist—a Journey Towards Peace

From Bouncer to Buddhist by US Geological Survey

Ty Phillips didn’t think twice about violence, until he started thinking seriously about it. Then everything changed.

Taking the Religious Imagination Seriously

shadow man

Is it time to accept religion as a real motive force behind violent action in the world?

Why We Should Worry About Professional Wrestling

Why We Should Worry by challengingmedia

What does the immense popularity of professional wrestling say about the way we market masculinity?

What Happens When You Put a Boy In Front of a Girl and Ask Him to Slap Her?

Why? Because I'm a Man

“Why? ‘Cuz I’m a man.”

December 2014


Peter Putnam offers an image of hope and growth in the midst of a time marked by destruction and hate.

A Ray of Hope in a Violent World: My Son Got it Right


Kids will learn some things all on their own. Spencer Dryden is thankful for this one.

Cameras on Cops: The Jury’s Still Out

body camera

If cameras don’t deter violence by the public, why would we expect that passively monitoring police-citizen encounters will cause behavior change?

A New Year’s Gift to Your Inner Child: Learning to Love After Sexual Abuse

A New Year's Gift to My Inner Child

Anthony Goulet is a survivor of abuse and shares his message of hope and encouragement with other survivors.



L. Lamar Wilson writes of men and rape, survivors and aggressors, in this stark poem.

Michael Brown’s Death Is Now Part of American History

AP photo: Charlie Reidel

David Alm on Michael Brown and America’s parallel history.

Pray for Newtown: Trying to See the Light


Michael Kasdan reflects on the Sandy Hook school shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut two years ago.

The Silent War of Mental Illness, Disability and Ferguson

The Silent War

Erin Kelly examines the impact of wrongful death due to mental illness and disability in the midst of the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri.

What I Fear As A Black Man In America


LeRon Barton talks about what he fears—not for himself, but for the boys still coming up.