Preventing the Next Orlando Massacre: A Modest, Radical Proposal

If we’re going to prevent violence we need to recognize that the origins of violence begin in childhood abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Manferiority Complex?

Steve Garrett shares how insecurity is just a mask, obscuring who we really are.

Two Violent Men, Two Symptoms of the Same Sickness

America woke up this weekend to the news of the deadliest civilian mass shooting in the nation’s history. The senseless tragedy will undoubtedly evoke anger, sadness and helplessness.

Is Game of Thrones Sexist?

Sexism in Game of Thrones does not rely on humour to make it palatable, nor is it hidden under a veil of nostalgia.

Orlando: The Last Mass Terror Attack? Don’t Bet On It

As many men and women struggle to deal with what happened on Sunday morning, our collective responses—not reactions—deserve closer examination.

When Can Getting a Vasectomy Make a Man a Hero?

Yes, 19 people can cause terrible suffering, but a million men working together, aggregating their individual acts of kindness into a global movement for social good, is infinitely more powerful.

Are Toys Becoming More Violent … and Should We be Worried?

We have to be careful not to overly restrict children’s lives based on myths about childhood innocence and children’s inability to distinguish between real life and fantasy.

A Memorial Tribute to My Brothers and Sisters in Orlando

I never met the good people who were shot in the Pulse Club in Orlando, but I feel I know them somehow. Their injuries and their passing hit me like the death of old trusted friends whose loss to me is palpable.

In Defense of Driftwood

Peter LaBerge’s poem resonates painfully with the Orlando shooting and with the broader culture of LGBTQ victimization which enabled it.

Call for Submissions: The Intersectionality of Violence at the Heart of Today’s Tragedy

The aftermath of the shooting at a gay club in Orlando is reverberating across the issues of hate crimes, LGBT rights, politics, gun control, how we define terrorism, how we talk about these issues and what actions we take. Please join us—few things are more important than this.

Deconstructing Men: Is Violence Endemic to Masculinity?

What’s makes (some) men want to be violent? And what can other men do about it?

Water Shortage Could Cost Countries up to 6% of Their GDP by 2050

Water is critical to agricultural production, and its depletion will have significant impacts on economic growth. Can optimize water use with better planning and incentives?

20 Minutes Really is a Lifetime for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Let’s talk about rape culture—and second chances.

Misogyny Lives in Chad-Bear’s Latest Hate on ‘Card-carrying Wussies’—ABC’s The Bachelorette Ep. 3, Part 2

Sorry, Chad, your “Man Brand” is no longer king.

Boys, Men, and Why I’ll Never Own a Gun

An honest look at depression, guns and the what scares me the most.

The Rest of Us

Tom Mallouk subtly and profoundly takes on on the painful subject of boyhood sexual abuse in this wrenching poem.