How to Make A Mass Shooter

Dr. Andrew Smiler lists some of the factors that mass shooters have in common. — Another week, another mass killing. Or two, or three. Here in the US, we’ve had shootings in churches, movie theatres, at all types of schools (elementary, high school, colleges), and even military bases. Back in the 1980s, it was disgruntled employees […]

Going Home to Newtown

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post first ran on Dec. 20, 2012, one week after the tragedy of Newtown, as Sean Beaudoin returned to his hometown and grappled with what had happened.

Carrying Guns on Pennsylvania Campuses May be OK

Though many schools have umbrella policies to ban all weapons, some universities are allowing firearms to avoid possible lawsuits.

Young Men Committing Violence: How Have We Failed Our Boys?

How do we talk honestly about the issue of male-perpetrated violence without casting masculinity as the cause? Because we know that the vast, vast majority of men are good citizens who are adding to the goodness of the world.

University of Colorado: Conference on Masculine Affairs

It can be uncomfortable for men to talk about manhood or what it means to be a good father; as well as showing that men can rise above this and decide the issues at hand are too important to stay quiet.

Kids and Toy Guns: Pretend Battles Rage On, Long Past Newtown

With his kids, Carter Gaddis straddles a line between regulating imaginative gun play and banning it

We Don’t Want to Play Anymore

David Olimpio wanted to be a spy when he grew up. Now he’s glad he left violent games in boyhood, and worries about the men who did not.

Flash Fiction: An American Tragedy

“There’s some foundational myth that adversity makes you better or stronger or whatever. That’s a nice thought, but it’s wrong.”

The Aurora Shootings: What’s Wrong with White Men?

Jamie Utt wonders why is no one asking what’s wrong with White Men in the United States?

Rah! Rah! Rah! Pop Warner Football Addresses Concussion Problems

Jamie Reidy shares news that Pop Warner football has changed its rules to limit concussions.

The Top 5 Most Overrated Divisions in Football

What five football divisions are worse than we think?